The Amy Rushworth Show with Kalindi

Kalindi is interviewed by leading Women's transformation mentor Amy Rushworth

The Amy Rushworth Show with Kalindi



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Mar 24 2020

94 min

Women’s mentor Amy Rushworth is interviewing Kalindi Jordan, who is an international teacher of intimacy and sexual healing and honestly she blew me away. Kalindi has spent 20 years exploring her own and other people’s energy. Her profound understanding of the human energy system, psychology and sexual nature comes from her study and practice in Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, bodywork and being present with life as it unfolds.

What You Will Learn:

Amy and Kalindi dive into an abundant array of topics, covering everything from:

– Orgasms: why some women struggle & the root causes

– Specific techniques to deepen your sensitivity during sex / intimacy

– Removing the stigma and conditioning around being a sexually-embodied woman

– The conflict between sexual shaming of women and using sex to manipulate men

– The influence of eye contact and breathing on orgasms and love

– Why Tantra and tantric relationships are about deep healing, rather than just sex

– Why self-responsibility and self-love are fundamental to intimate, healthy relationships

– How the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting dynamics for singles and couples

– The language of touch: how to stay connected through touch during self-isolation

– The power of reconnecting to your changing body or “physical flaws” you struggle to accept

– The cycles of “woman”, embracing sexual healing at all ages and navigating menopause

– Kalindi’s current struggle with Alopecia and surrendering to losing her hair

– The healing available to us when we embrace and allow ourselves to grieve properly

– Why body-work and physically moving emotions is just as important as talking it out

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