Beauty and the Baldness – reflection

Beauty and the Baldness – reflection


In March 2020 – All my body hair fell out with a condition called Alopecia Universalis.

Life has given me this interesting turn that has made me face so many hidden realms of self – Loosing all my body hair is an uncomfortable journey! Being seen in a way that one doesn’t want to present themselves, being misrepresented, the loss of perceived external beauty – it’s made me delve into the space of the broken hearted – feeling sad that I in whatever way have created this response in my beautiful body.

The inner critic at times has got hold of this thread and tugged me into her under current!

One of the deep graces that I hold so close to my heart is that even though my external expression of self is different and not yet loved by me – I still feel beautiful, alive, vibrant and sexy. I feel blessed that I have loved and delighted in myself so deeply that this inner presence keeps me centred in the times of grief.

We are constantly invited to create deep and committed relationships with ourselves, with every part of us – I am so glad I carry this wisdom with me on my continued connection to “ Who am I “

So happy that beauty is not dependant on how we look!