Castor Oil Pack for Healing the Womb

Castor Oil Pack for Healing the Womb

Castor oil comes from the plant Ricinus communis and is naturally found in Africa, India, and South America. The castor beans which are technically seeds get pressed into a pale-yellow vegetable oil with a very distinct flavour and smell.

Castor Oil has many healing qualities especially for women’s health issues. Castor oil packs can support relief from :

Menstrual cramps,



Healing scar tissue,

Boosting fertility soothing the uterine muscles, the ovaries and fallopian tubes, as well as improve egg health.

New mothers it can help with healing from birth to support the internal organs after labor, especially healing if you have had a cesarean section.

Breastfeeding issues – clogged ducts, mastitis, soreness etc. Endometriosis,

Polycystic ovaries,

Improve liver detoxification naturally,

Improve lymphatic circulation,

Reduce inflammation,

Making your own castor oil pack is the perfect way to allow ricinoleic acid to soak into the skin and be absorbed by the lymphatic system.

Healthy lymphatic circulation is essential for both proper digestion and healthy immune function.


How to make castor oil pack:

What you need:

•High quality castor oil.

•Unbleached dye free cotton flannel or natural cotton muslin.

•Cling film.

•Hot water bottle or heating pad.

•An old towel or something for under you as castor oil stains.

How to make a castor oil pack:

•Place towels under a sheet where you will be lying down to prevent staining under yourself, if the the castor oil leaks.

•Cut the cloth to fit the area you want to cover with enough to fold it three times. Once the flannel is cut, fold it into thirds.

•Thoroughly soak (not saturate) the flannel with the castor oil. I like to do this in a jar, giving the flannel time to absorb the oil, with a shake here/ there.


How to use the castor oil pack:

•Carefully remove the castor oil-soaked flannel from the jar.

•While lying on the towels and sheet, place the castor oil pack on the desired area – womb, scar, liver.

•Wrap the clingfilm all the way around me to hold in the heat and the oil.

•Place hot water bottle or heating pad over castor oil pack.

•Lie with your feet elevated for at least 60 minutes. Ideally, 2 hours.

Clean up after using a castor oil pack:

•Remove clingfilm and cloth.

•Wash oil from your skin with warm water and natural soap.

•Rest, relax, and be sure you are well-hydrated.