The role of Huntress / Hunter 

The role of Huntress / Hunter 

The Huntress / Hunter archetype represents your spirit of independence clearing the way to allow the higher authority of you to be the navigator for  your life flow. Cultivating the huntress / Hunter energy is to hunt down anything that restricts the highest experience of yourself.

Cultivating this aspect enhances your will power, confidence, focus, ambition, and willingness to take positive risks. Enabling emotional self-sufficiency in all relationships.

As a warrior energy inside you that hunts and clears away that which would try to hold you down from your life dreaming. A fierce passionate love that fights for your life vitality, potency and offering.

Balancing and vitalising the energy to connect to your sexual / instinctual desires and to experience alignment in your emotional realm.

Your inner warrior supports your inner lover to flourish into complete empowered grace.

To Huntress / Hunter represents the aspect of ourselves that has the fire, love and fearlessness to look into our self shadows. To weave through the darker terrain of our energy and psyche to face and challenge what lies often hidden within.

The warrior hunts within all areas of self for example :

Ancestral / family patterns

Physical issues – Blood, flesh and bone

Toxic thinking and beliefs

Emotional habits and emotional attachments

Life story over identification

Sexual structures physical, emotional and mental

Energy systems of the body


Cultivating this aspect of ourselves is so important if we want to move forward in life with a deep self care and love for our life experience. We can then take healthy calculated inner and outer risks that expand our own passionate expression. Being loyal, enthusiastic and having wild passion about ourselves – meaning we are willing to stalk the shadows, observe their behaviours, study their nature and design, how they change the nature of our experience.

Just as a hunter hunting an animal would learn all about their prey, where they sleep, what they eat, how fast they move, where is there terrain etc all about their life behaviours so that the hunter can use this wisdom to capture its desired prey.

So we can free ourselves from what no longer serves us.