Are you being called to Womb Healing?

Are you being called to Womb Healing?

Are you being called to Womb Healing…

I was very quiet as a child and liked to watch, being fascinated by the interaction of life. Intrigued by the way people would often not express truly what they really felt, the incongruent nature of ones energy expressing and what they do or say! Initially I believe this observational nature was how I learned to survive in a confusing world of unaligned communication – to it now being turned into an effective resource of observation on a deep level – as a detective exploring what is going on and what, on what level is there something out of alignment.

As a teenager I was so curious about sex, touch, relating and dived in whole heartily to explore everything I could. This journey evolved into the sacred side of our nature, the connection with the divine within everything.

And I am here exploring with so many the wisdom of womb energy.

As the wisdom of womb connection is rising around the world with many inspirers and teachers opening this intelligence, it is clearly showing that it is time! Time to connect individually and collectively – as a doorway to self knowing.

Womb healing supports you when there is …

Pain with your menstrual cycle or other symptoms

You feel disconnected with your womb

You feel disconnected from your sexual vitality

You have experienced sexual trauma

You are aware that ancestral traumas are repeating through you

Disconnection from your body

Struggle with confidence

Emotional sensitivity

Fertility challenges

You are yearning for something that whispers to you through every breath!

Womb wisdom is an energetic awareness of falling into the expansive depths of fertile creation.

Are you being called?

My monthly Amrita tribe connects and explores the realms of womb and our deepening into your natural wisdom.