Sexual healing interview with Denby Sheather

Sexual healing interview with Denby Sheather

I am sharing with you a thoroughly enjoyable interview with Denby Sheather from Australia. Denby is renowned for her insightful and natural affinity with teaching and a pioneering approach to yoga, health and healing. She is passionate about awakening individuals to their innate power and helping them understand their place within the nature-spirit-self matrix.

We had a juicy conversation about sacred sexuality, Tantra, the energetic of pornography, the power of the Yoni, Jade eggs and lots more.

Nothing was off limits as we explored openly the stories and paradigms around sex, love and intimate connections with self and others, multiple orgasms and share advice on how singles in particular, can cultivate regular sensual practices to keep their “juju flowing” during these current times.

Denby and I met as co-presenters on Tara Love Perry’s online Solstice event, “Day of the divine feminine, birthing the new earth”, and instantly connected.

I hope you enjoy this sharing as much as I enjoyed offering it!

Denby works online for anyone UK based and for those of you who follow me from Australia her retreats look amazing!!