Tea with Amelia – Instagram Live

Tea with Amelia – Instagram Live

Sexual Healing for Couples & Navigating challenging dynamics

Wow, what an honour. I absolutely adored this chat with @kalindijordan who is a wonderful fountain of knowledge and expertise in the field of intimacy and sexual healing.

We chatted about:
– Being grounded and embodied as the foundation for sexual healing
– The importance of making space for enquiry rather than blame.
– Asking what your partner needs as they navigate their healing journey
– Discussing what the non- healing partner needs to feel safe and relaxed
– The importance of taking time to integrate your healing before sharing it with others
– Taking care of each other
– Being your own primary lover whether in partnership or not
– 3 ways to navigate difficult dynamics
• Breath
• Enquiring as to what is really going on, is it the rubbish not being taken out or is it something deeper
• Knowing your love language.

Watch the full episode for all the info!

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