Rejection – the invitation towards a journey within

Rejection – the invitation towards a journey within

Rejection comes in so many forms: Self rejection, rejection of aspects of self, rejection of others, rejection by others, rejection of our body and behaviour, Rejection of others body and behaviours it goes on….


When we are confronted by rejection, we are often faced with painful feelings of inadequacy. Depending on how and in what way the rejection is delivered, it can break us in ways we never thought possible.

We have all been rejected in some form at some point in our lives and each time it has probably been a opportunity for a profound revelation about oneself and opened vulnerability or you became faced with a hard decision / a confrontation either with yourself or another.

When we move towards the rejected self, we start to build a relationship, start to create a bridge between our consciousness and what has been pushed away.

So many people I work with have rejected aspects of themselves and then wonder why life does not fully flow or they feel numb physically, it is hard to get a creative project happening and sexual vitality is low.

A great question is “ Where and how am I rejecting myself? “

Once you can see it “ What does this aspect of me need from me?”

Then give it what it needs – It only becomes shadow because we have not shined the light of our awareness and commitment to greet its need!
Going inwards is the key…