Stop shaming teenagers about their sexual pleasure!

Stop shaming teenagers about their sexual pleasure!

Stop shaming teenagers around being curious about their sexual pleasure!

I had a message the other day from someone who works with teenagers looking for resources that would be helpful for teenagers stepping into self sexual exploration with a view point for it being self respectful, informative, fun and nourishing.

It made me think about how important it is as parents to be sex positive and this starts with the positive encouragement in supporting our children in having a healthy relationship with their body. So many adults are only just really starting out on their own journey of self pleasure, I feel that we are in a growing time where with access to so much information ( Positive and negative ) there is a need to make sure we are not closing teenagers down from healthy self sexual exploration.

As a parent myself I wanted my son to grow up experiencing fulfilling sexual relationships that have good healthy communication, respect and pleasure.

This starts with how we as parents respond to their natural need to explore pleasure.

I have heard far too many stories of parents catching their children or teens self pleasuring and shaming them for it – this will start a process of the natural sexual self moving down the tunnel of the hidden and shadow where we can easily start to feel we are wrong for our desires.

Taking some time to examine your own sexual opinions, inhibitions, habits, dysfunctions, shame can help transform your child’s perception of sex because of your responses and ability to be able to talk about it.