A Touch of Love

Couples Relationship Evolution

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November 2021
Couples that learn together stay together…

A weekend of exploration with Tantra, energy, communication and touch.

This online retreat for couples is an opportunity to prioritise and give focused attention to your love relationship.

Are you often missing true connection with each other?

Are you yearning for more intimacy and playfulness?

Are you wanting to explore a Tantric sexual path together?

Is it time to reset, connect, learn, appreciate and acknowledge the presence of love between you. In these strong and uncertain times taking time for each other brings us support, harmony in the home, inspiration and both being appreciated and seen.

“ Love is a two way street constantly under construction ”

Carroll Bryant

Relationships need tending! Having been in a committed relationship for 14 years we know the amount of attending, prioritising, communication, honesty, self reflection and self enquiry a relationship takes. We want to share some processes with you that have assisted us through the roller coaster ride off relating.

Intimacy starts with our capacity to be in deep relationship with ourselves, to be honest and be prepared to feel, to self reflect and be vulnerable. We wanted to create a weekend to explore ways that you can weave support into your relationship with the power of touch and awareness.

Throughout the retreat we will focus on :

  • Transforming touch, exploring reverence, fascination and to use touch for relaxation, connection, arousal and sexual healing.
  • Learning to use your breath to cultivate energy, to access different states of consciousness and open you to deeper levels of union, surrender and pleasure.
  • Learning tantric techniques for every day living and expansive lovemaking.
  • Learning and exploring embodied styles of communication.
  • This retreat includes guided processes, touch, meditation, ritual, dance and open sharing circles.

This retreat is for any couples who want a passionate, tantric, connected and open hearted relationship, whether you have just started on your journey together or have been in relationship for years.

Price : £180 per couple

Where : Online Zoom

Times :


7pm- 8.30pm  Start of retreat – Introduction

8.30 – 10pm Couple private time


8 – 9am Morning movement meditation

10am  – 1pm Morning session

3pm – 6pm  Afternoon session

8pm – 10pm Couples private practice time


8 – 9am Morning movement meditation

10am – 1pm Morning session

3pm – 5pm Afternoon session –  Closing

We invite you to save the whole weekend for just each other just like an in person retreat would offer.

“ Thank you Pete and Kalindi for having created this retreat, we have felt very nurtured by this experience both individually and as a couple. It has helped us to strengthen and nourish our relationship and has offered us new ways to relate to each other, and to our body of love. It has been great to share this experience with other couples in the comfort of our home, and you both have inspired us very much in many ways. ”

George and Beth


THE FACILITATORS: Kalindi and Pete

We have been together since January 2008 when life drew us together in India. We instantly opened to each other sharing, expanding our talents and gifts. We have both been exploring the field of personal transformation and awakening through a varied spectrum of wisdom streams since the early 90’s. We have been working independently as as coaches, mentors, therapists and facilitators since then and after meeting we started sharing our work together.

Our approach is to share and explore in depth practical and accessible information and practices that transform your relationship on many different levels, making it more holistic and fulfilling.

Together we are consciously living in love.

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