Amrita Women’s Membership

Inspiration For This Membership

” When women come together in an embodied way – beauty is awakened ”   In my years of experience bringing groups of women together, I am humbled by the depth, courage, focus and adventurous spirit that women can have.

It’s so important for us to take time to cultivate connection, be in relationship with our body and come together to be the glorious celebration that we are.

There will be an opportunity for you to let me know what themes and topics that you would like me to cover, so that this becomes a growing tribe of self enquiring women exploring the nature of ” Who am I as woman “.

Live Call Dates

These are subject to change, I will do my best not too, but life does not always go to plan!!

Wednesday 13th January – 8pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday 17th February – 8pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday 17th March – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 13th April – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 11th May – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 15th June – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 20th July – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 17th August – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 14th September – 8pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday 20th October – 8pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 23rd November – 8pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday 15th December – 8pm – 9.30pm

Accessing Live Calls

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Use Kalindi’s Zoom log in:
Meeting ID: 420 559 1491

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The password is Sensual

Vital Core Meditation Bonus


Below is a recording of a practice I call ” The Vital Core ”  for creating inner strength, focus, safety and self connection. This is an example of the kind of body focused work I will be offering through this membership.

November Preparation

Preparation for our November call together:

Our session theme is Shame

The theme for November Amrita is SUPPORTING OURSELVES TO LET GO OF SHAME!

You will just need a warm private space and a notepad and pen.

November Live Call Recording

November 2021 Live Call

Tues 23rd November 2021 8pm


” Shame is an intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” Brené Brown

Shame is about how the “self” decides to negatively view itself.

It’s an emotion that affects all of us and profoundly shapes the way we interact in the world.

Examples of when we may hold a shame story about our selves :-

  • If you are called out for a mistake in public.
  • Humiliated by someone walking in on you naked or self pleasuring.
  • Disappointed expectation, which is when you set out to do something and you fail.
  • Criticised about your body.
  • Boundaries are crossed and you are confused about what is wrong.
  • Being rejected because of something about ourselves.

Expressions of shame

  • Insecurity with the self.
  • Feeling sensitive.
  • Feeling unappreciated.
  • Sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction.
  • Challenges within intimacy and relationships.
  • Uncomfortable talking about sex
  • Viewing sex as “bad” or dirty.
  • Uncontrollable blushing.
  • Feeling used.
  • Feeling rejected.
  • Feeling like you have little impact.
  • Being worried what others think about you.
  • Feeling that you aren’t treated with respect.
  • Overly needy.

How shame grows

If you put shame in a Petri dish and added – secrecy, silence and judgment, it will grow exponentially.

The more we protect ourselves from being vulnerability, the more we grow a fearful state of being and become disconnected.

The antidote to shame

  • Honest disclosure in a safe and loving environment.
  • Take the risk to share the “unacceptable” parts of yourself to be truly seen by another person.
  • Empathy for yourself and others.
  • Approach the feelings rather than avoid.
  • Decide what you are not responsible for.
  • Actively forgive yourself for past so called mistakes or projected weaknesses.
  • Be in relationship with your vulnerability.

Building shame resilience

  • Feel it,
  • Name it,
  • Talk about it,
  • Own your story,
  • Tell your story.


What do you see with adult eyes?

Are there adults there that should be wiser and maturer than they have behaved?

Are there children frightened and shaming you to avoid it coming your way?

What is the child you deciding about this moment?

What does the child need to hear from you as a wiser adult?

How you you give her a broader view?

Does she need you to stand up for her? To show her how?

Does she need a boundary?

Does she need to understand?

What did she not get from life in this moment of pain that you can give her now?

Does she need you to hold her in you arms?

Does she just need you to see her sadness?

What did she decide about herself in the moment?

Is this truth?


Life is complex forgive her if she needs that?

Give it to her….

Extra self support : 

Write in journal

Hold your heart and breath



Love and be compassionate

Bring perspective and understanding

October Preparation

Preparation for our October call together:

Our session theme is Creativity

I am often asked what to do with increased sexual energy especially if one is not with a partner. So I wanted to share and explore this with you all. How to use it to heal the body and flow into your creative creations.

You will just need a warm private space and a notepad and pen.

October Live Call Recording

October 2021 Live Call

Wednesday 20th October 2021 8pm


September Preparation

Preparation for our September call together:

Our session theme is Awakening your Breasts

You may like to prepare by:

  • Being in a warm room
  • Have a blanket on hand for comfort
  • You may like to use some oil as you touch your skin
September Live Call Recording

September 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 14th September 2021 8pm


We all love breasts, they are amazing! What an energy they have. Lovingly massaging our breasts can give intense amounts of pleasure and invite yourself into a deep state of relaxation.

Awakening the nipples has the potential to be very orgasmic. Hundreds of nerve endings makes them extra sensitive to touch. When they are stimulated they light up the part of the brain that genital stimulation does. Also triggering the brain’s pituitary gland to release oxytocin.

So potential pleasure all around!

It is easy to become disassociated from our breasts, so I want to make sure you are all connected.



Taoist Deer Exercise


The deer exercise stimulates the nerves of the nipples and breasts. This in turn increases circulation, releases the hormones oxytocin and more, and increases neural development and blood and lymphatic circulation. It can increase both fullness and bouyancy of the bust by strengthening suspensory ligaments and muscles while increasing blood and lymphatic movement in the breasts…

The pelvic exercise tones strengthens the vaginal muscles and the ligaments supporting the ovaries and fallopian tubes, increases fertility, and and increases pelvic blood flow and relaxed sensitivity.

Together, the two phases of the female deer exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body, increasing the potential for clitoral, vaginal, and whole-body orgasm. By regulating female hormones and increasing blood flow, they also help to prevent or cure PMS, irregular menstruation, sterility, ovarian cysts, vaginal discharge, fibroids, incontinence, and more.

It should be noted that along with increasing sexual health, enjoyment, mental clarity, and overall vitality, the exercise increases fertility, so appropriate precautions should be taken to prevent an unplanned pregnancy!


This is a practical and effective Taoist Chi Gung practice.

It cultivates sexual energy, improves overall vitality and mental alertness. It assists with balancing PMS,  period pain, hormonal fluctuations at peri- menopause and infertility.

The Female Deer Exercise is performed without clothing, once or twice daily, except during menstruation or pregnancy.


Sit on the floor or on a cushion, with one heel against the opening of the vagina, exerting a gentle pressure on the clitoris. The other foot rests next to the shin). If the posture is difficult (because of inflexible hips or knee pain), you may also use a small rubber ball between the heel and the vagina to provide this gentle acupressure.

The Female Deer Exercise has two steps:

First, a pleasurable circular massage of the breasts, and second, a pelvic holding.

The breast massage: 

Remove any clothing and jewellery and sit in the posture described above. Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously together. Now place them over the breasts.

Start with 10 circles centre of breasts upwards and outwards first as this helps with the lymphatic drainage, then take into the opposite direction.

Lightly rub in downward and upward circles. The hands travel together down the inside of the breasts then upwards around outside of breast then back down the centre, this is one circle lightly touch the skin in circular motions with the nipples at the centre of the circle. Do not hold the breasts and move them – skim the surface of the skin.

Enjoy the sensations and connect with the warm pleasurable feelings. This is important to increase the connections between the nerves and endocrine glands in the breasts and the centre of the brain and the pineal and pituitary glands in your head. 36 repetitions are recommended, once or twice a day.

Holding Firm – the pelvic contraction :

First, rest your hands in your lap. Form your hands into fists by encircling your thumbs in the other fingers. This activates a number of important acupressure points. Next, tighten the muscles of the vagina as though contracting it. Keep breathing in a deep, relaxed manner while holding the contraction as long as you comfortably can. You only need to do this step once after each 36-rotation breast massage.

During the contraction, try to keep the anal sphincter and stomach muscles relaxed while squeezing and lifting only the vaginal muscles.

Music from September session:

August Preparation

Preparation for our August Call Together:

Our session theme is Yoni De-amouring

You may like to prepare by:

  • Being in a warm room
  • Have a blanket on hand for comfort
  • You may like to use some oil as you touch your skin
August Live Call Recording

August 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 17th August 2021 8pm


The term de-armouring means when some part of our body, mind or emotions has created a protective layer around a vulnerability, an area of trauma, uncomfortable memory, un-held and un -cared for experiences. This armour creates on a physical level tensions, muscular holding, numbness, disassociation, pain. Body armour was first mentioned in writing by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930’s.

The nervous system has been activated and holds the body in a particular way. Yoni de armouring is bringing your attention physically through awareness and touch to assist the holding to unravel. Welcoming any rejected, vulnerable, un- inter-grated parts of you to re align and relax home.





July Preparation

Preparation for our July Call Together:

Our next session theme is Sexual Shadow

Preparation Questions for self enquiry for this session is:

  • Write five negative sexual themes that came into your experience under the age of 10
  • Write five negative perceptions of relationship that you hold
  • Think of five women that trigger you sexually – write down these triggers, explore a little.
July Live Call Recording

July 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 20th July 2021 8pm


Sexual Shadow – The Shadow refers to the unconscious parts of the mind and body – that which is outside of the light of our attention and awareness.

Deep within there is a place where we store our secret desires, forbidden feelings and shamed creative impulses.

The poet Robert Bly describes the shadow like a long bag that we drag behind us. This bag is created to stuff all the feelings that have been wronged, shamed and abandoned. The place inside that we stuff everything unwanted about us.

When we start to turn towards our blind spots, our shadow, we take something out of the bag and examine it in the light of day. We face it, look all around it, exploring, enquiring, studying, rotating it, letting it go for awhile, revisit it again, and be fascinated by it until we can acknowledge it as a lost part of ourselves.

We also refer to a helpful book which may support and deepen this journey which is Romancing the Shadow: illuminating the dark side of the soul by Jungian psychotherapists Dr. Connie Zweig and Dr. Steve Wolf.

Tree of Miracles by Alix Thorpe
Deep Meditation by Mettaverse


June Preparation

Preparation for our June Call Together:

Our next session theme is An EARTH element Self Pleasure Journey

All you need in preparation for this session is:

  • A nice warm private space.
June Live Call Recording

June 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 15th June 2021 8pm


Please go to 4.30 minutes into this video for Kalindi to start the session.

Mmmmm Earth Element self pleasure journey

In our Amrita tribe gathering last night we journeyed with the Element of Earth – connecting with body celebrating the blood, flesh and bone creating the quality of presence, stability, clarity, grounding and root connection.

When the earth element is balanced we become safe, stable, grounded and unwavering in our sense of stability.

When the earth element is imbalanced and overflows or is too strong, we become static, addverse to change, less likely to take risks and can lose interest in doing anything.

When the earth element underflows or is too weak, we may begin to feel unstable, change direction often, feel unsafe or unsupported, and have anxiety.

May Preparation

Preparation for our May Call Together:

Our next session theme is The Pleasure of the Breath Practice

All you need in preparation for this session is:

  • A nice warm private space.
May Live Call Recording

May 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 11th May 2021 8pm


Pleasure can be about relaxing inwards and listening.

The Nervous System:

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve that links the brain stem to the heart, lungs, and gut. Vagus means “ “wandering”. It branches out to touch and interact with the neck, ears, tongue, liver, spleen, gallbladder, ureter, female fertility organs and kidneys. It powers up our parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system controls bodily functions when a person is at rest. Some of its activities include stimulating digestion, activating metabolism, and helping the body relax.

The management and processing of emotions happens via the vagal nerve between the heart, brain and gut, which is why we have a strong gut reaction to intense mental and emotional states.

April Preparation

Preparation for our April Call Together:

Our next session theme is Jade egg Pleasure Practice


All you need in preparation for this session is:

  • A nice warm private space.
  • A Jade egg if you have one, but you can also enjoy this without the Jade egg
  • A handful of Jade eggs are available to buy through me here.
April Live Call Recording

April 2021 Live Call

Tuesday 13th April 2021 8pm


March Preparation

Preparation for our March Call Together:

Our next session theme is Inner Huntress

The Huntress archetype represents your spirit of independence clearing the way to allow the higher authority of you to be in the drivers seat of your life. Cultivating the huntress energy is to hunt down anything that restricts the highest experience of yourself.

Cultivating her enhances your will power, confidence, focus, ambition, and willingness to take positive risks. Enabling emotional self-sufficiency in all relationships.

She is the warrior energy inside you that hunts and clears away that which would try to hold you down from your life dreaming. She is a fierce passion – Passionate and in love with your life potency and offering.

She balances and vitalises the energy to connect to your sexual desires and to experience alignment in your emotional realm.

Your inner warrior supports your inner lover to flourish into her complete empowered grace.


All you need in preparation for this session is:

  • A nice warm private space.
  • A blind fold or a scarf to cover the eyes.
March Live Call Recording

March 2021 Live Call Recording

Wednesday 17th March 2021


Inner Huntress

Image and Sculpture by

February Preparation

Preparation for our February Call Together:

Our next session theme is Awakening Deep Womb Energy

All you need in preparation for this session is:

  • A nice warm private space.
  • A blind fold or a scarf to cover the eyes.
February Live Call Recording

February 2021 Live Call Recording

Wednesday 17th February 2021


February 2021 Homework

Enjoy this reflection and deepening process:

  1. What is Sovereignty to you?
    What does the quality of Sovereignty mean to you?
  2. Take time to drop into the womb, and then let the womb write a physical letter to you.
    What does the physical and the energetic womb want to tell you?
    Let it free flow.
  3. She may also want to write to other people.  Do this only after you have written to yourself first.
  4. Finally, repeat the practice in the February recording.
January Preparation

Preparation for our January Call Together:

In preparation for our first circle I would like you to:

  • Get a piece of paper / or post it notes
  • Cut this piece of paper into 10 pieces
  • Write on each piece these words – one word on one piece of paper : Spiritual nature, Creativity, Social life, Family / Children, Health / fitness, Career, Sexual relationship, Self perception, Sexual flow with self.
  • On another piece of paper or journal I want you to take time feeling into each area of your life to write at least 5 qualities that you want to be experiencing within each area written above. You can write more if you wish. Play and enjoy the exploration for calling in delicious flavours for yourself.
  • Have these with you when you join the call or start the recording.
Voice note from Kalindi

Let’s set our womb compass!

January Live Call Recording

January 2021 Live Call Recording

Wednesday 13th January 2021


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