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Ways to work with me to transform
your sexual story and enliven your body wisdom.

 I work with women and couples who are looking for guidance and healing on a variety of issues.

Every session with me is unique just as every person is unique.

A session will start with us in dialogue helping me understand your journey so far and for us to start to open up a bigger perspective. I get to start to understand how your sexual psyche organises its self and effects your nervous system. I start to take you into more of your sub conscious mind through questions and embodied awareness techniques.

Some sessions can stay more in a coaching dialogue with embodied processes and some sessions weave into bodywork.

Starting to work with me…

Book a free introduction phone call.

Discuss your needs and how we can work together.

One-to-one sessions held online

Using Zoom

60-min online

one-to-one session



90-min online

one-to-one session


One-to-one sessions

These sessions are held in Frome, Somerset UK.

2hr one-to-one session

In Frome, Somerset



3hr one-to-one session

In Frome, Somerset


Couples sessions

These sessions are held in Frome, Somerset UK.

They are guided by Kalindi or with Kalindi and her partner Pete.

2-hr Couple session
with Kalindi



3-hr Couple session
with Kalindi



3-hr Couple session
with Kalindi and Pete



5-hr Couple session
with Kalindi and Pete




Working with your body wisdom.

After training in massage 25 years ago, I have integrated so many different body based techniques including trauma release, rebirthing and breath mechanics creating a initiative body work co creating a present space where your body can be assisted in creating the optimum environment for healing and transformation. My expertise is in navigating the subtle nature of our body systems especially how sexual energy moves.

The type of bodywork will be agreed on before I start and if it has been decided that any intimate part of your body will be touched I will ask you to sign a disclaimer. I will only touch certain areas of the body when it is clearly agreed for me to do so. This is not always necessary and depends on why you have come to see me. I sometimes use guided breath work techniques to assist the body to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system and detox the lungs. To also reset your breathing patterns

By both of us staying present with any emotion or release that may happen, emotionally, mentally or physically it helps with the transformation into re wiring and healing.


Amrita Women’s Monthly Membership

Monthly embodied journeys with Kalindi – live via Zoom and recorded to support your practice.

Amrita (Sanskrit: अमृत) literally means “immortality” and is often referred to in ancient Indian texts as nectar

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Amrita Ritual for Couples and Lovers

Free online webinar

Tuesday 5th July

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Sex, Blood and Bone

Day workshop for everyone

Sunday 9th October 2022

Blood and Bone
Sensual Mastery Level 2

Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

15th to 18th September 2022

Sensual Mastery 2023

Nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

2nd to 8th March 2023

17th to 23rd April 2023

About Kalindi

I am an international teacher of intimacy and sexual healing.

I have a deep understanding of the human energy system, human psychology and sexual nature.  This has come from devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and 25 years experience.

I am an Alchemist of touch: unlocking the body and mind, creating flow and facilitating change. Bringing the understanding of how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy.

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