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Drawing from over 26 years as a bodyworker, the last 14 being focused on sexual healing.

What Yoni Healing Entails

Often Yoni healing is part of a journey of sessions with me, but not always. Yoni massage needs a connection of safety and sometimes first we need to work on layers of resistance, there is no rush.

For some the readiness is ripe and it can be on first meeting together.

The session is 3 hours long.

We start with talking and sharing your sexual story as this is important to heard and seen, it also awakens connection and neural pathways through the body.
I massage and connect with the whole body to create relaxation but also to start navigating the potential holding with your body.

Using breath, sound, attention and energy awareness, I guide you to witness the natural healing and release process that your body can achieve.
Before approaching the yoni she will always be checked in with first.

I am an artist with subtle energy. I follow the often hidden voices of your muscles, nerves, emotions and energy lines. Inviting the natural healing ability of your body to start to take place, to open to let go, with both our focus, intention and love.

Every session is so different and unique it is heard to describe.

I share on going support that you can do with yourself from the insights that come from the session.

I also teach self yoni massage techniques that are also highly important to our healing and to deepen our connection to pleasure.

Massage For Lovers Retreat

If you would like your partner to learn a beautiful healing Yoni massage and also how to massage your partner. To also be able to support each other along a healing journey, come and join us on one of our Massage for lovers retreats.

Please connect with me if you would like more information on Yoni Healing.

Working With Your Partner

My partner Pete and I offer a day that is custom created for you as a unique couple to meet whatever need that you have to take yourselves deeper.

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