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Within the work that I do in groups and private sessions, I cover so many areas of women’s wellness that I have created the opportunity for groups of women to invite me either for an evening or a day. Their are many groups of women that will benefit from focused insights, women on training’s, red tent women, groups of friends, yoga class and using your own advertising network. The group of women can be as small or as large as you wish. I custom create a theme or themes that your group desires to explore.

Contact me so we can start to custom create a day for you.

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Embody your Feminine Essence

The Feminine Essence that lives inside every woman has an energetic and magnetic quality that makes her feel attractive, healthy, radiant, sensual, and grounded.

Feminine Essence
Jade Egg
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Jade egg practice

For thousands of years Taoist Masters taught the secrets of the Jade Egg, mainly to empresses and concubines.Luckily these teachings have filtered through to us over the centuries. The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The exercises help to maintain or develop a healthy pelvic floor and sexual organs.

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Menstrual empowerment

Our menstrual cycle carries a secret wisdom that can assist us in navigating our emotions, sexual appetite, phases and stages of life, taking us deeper into ourselves and our woman’s intuition.To come into ever deeper relationship with who you are and how you practically offer your gifts to the world. We can learn more of how to use this wisdom as women.

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Attracting a loving partner

We are like a flower that has its own unique shape and colour and the attractee ( i.e. partner ) is the honey bee. A flower is just being – emanating its beauty. Right in its core flows its sweet essence, its smell.

The bee buzzes around and gets attracted by the colour, vibrancy of the flower and the of course its fragrant essence. A flower is just resonating flowerness – we however, because of having a conscious mind, are not fully aware of what we are and conflict arises as to what we should be and therefore we have disturbances within our resonance.

When we as the flower are deeply saying yes to ourselves and our uniqueness the more our true essence gets amplified the easier it is for the right bee to know that you are the perfect flower for them.

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Teenage empowerment

Transitioning from age 12 to age 16 is a fascinating and exciting time in the life of woman. It is a time when our bodies start to bud towards the blossom, then the fruit of the woman that we will become.

The importance of this time, how we think and feel, what decisions we make about ourselves and the world around us, especially in reflection of our bodies, female sensuality, our menstrual connection, our growing curiosity in matters of the lovers heart and sexual attention.

Teenage Small
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