Teenage Empowerment Workshop

Transitioning from age 12 to age 16

Transitioning from age 12 to age 16 is a fascinating and exciting time in the life of woman. It is a time when our bodies start to bud towards the blossom, then the fruit of the woman that we will become. The importance of this time, how we think and feel, what decisions we make about ourselves and the world around us, especially in reflection of our bodies, female sensuality, our menstrual connection, our growing curiosity in matters of the lovers heart and sexual attention.

When I was a teenager I had an abundance of curiosity, questions and so many things I wanted to explore and understand. I wish I had had the opportunity to ask those questions, to gain insights and understanding in a supportive, non judgemental way. Rather than by trial and error, un necessary heart aches, from other teenagers just as confused as me and being left with negative beliefs that I then had to unravel later in life.

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As a sensuality and sexuality coach, I have been working with teenagers around conscious communication and sexual intimacy for 9 years. With mixed groups of 65 teenagers, groups of 25 teenager retreats and a small group of age 14 year old girls.

My passion is to answer questions, to share truthful adult conscious insights into what becoming a woman can mean, what our body starts to want to explore. I ask the right questions, to ignite conscious reflection on why they might want to explore something, why are they choosing a certain experience. I do not judge, or have a set value system of how a teenager should be. I believe that these ages are crucial times of separating more fully into our own perception of self beyond our family and communities ideals, stretching boundaries, playing with edges so that one can define from personal exploration what and who they yearn to be.

The Workshop

This is aimed at a group of teenage friends that would like to learn in a safe way outside of the restrictions of school learning. A 5 hour workshop focused around menstrual understanding, answering questions and emotional intelligence. that then maybe after can become a closed group that we will commit to a journey together of mentorship and support. This happens at a particular time of day that suits the group of teenagers.

A parental webinar for 1 hour will happen prior to the workshop.

What is shared in the workshop with the questions and topics is held in confidentiality.

As many girls as you have space for.

– I have done a CPD training on safe guarding children.
– I am CRB checked.
– I have regular supervision as a coach .
– I work with an assistant.

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