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Jade Egg Workshop

Sunday 29th July 2018

Increase pelvic pleasure with Jade Eggs. Learning how to use your Jade egg safely and effectively. The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, as well as creating a life-changing restorative connection to your pelvis and sensuality. 10am to 5pm.

Jade Egg
Shamamic Trance Dance

16th-19th August 2018
Frome, Somerset – With Woman Fest

Shamanic Trance Dance Rituals are held in a sacred space as a ritual, accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum. Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey of discovery that enables you to find the answers to your own questions. Check the womanfest website for workshop time.

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Teenage Empowerment Workshop

16th-19th August 2018
Frome, Somerset – With Woman Fest

My passion is to answer questions, to share truthful adult conscious insights into what becoming a woman can mean, what our body starts to want to explore. A workshop focused around menstrual understanding, answering questions and emotional intelligence. Check the womanfest website for workshop time.

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Feminine Wisdom retreat

13th to 20th September 2018
In Spain – With the Arrigo programme

A potent retreat of dropping into the deep feminine – relaxing, restoring and releasing the tension of our busy lives – to nourish and let go into your natural wisdom and peace to experience greater vibrancy and aliveness.

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Massage for Lovers Retreat

22nd to 25th November 2018
Gaunts House, Dorset

This retreat is not only learning to massage each other but how to connect on a deeper more intimate level with oneself as well as one’s lover and the world around. We will share the underlying principals for living a Tantric life – a life of love, connection and presence. It is an opportunity to awaken to a deeper, more fulfilling way of being and living.

massage lovers
Ageing Gracefully Retreat

15th to 18th November 2018

A retreat for women over 40. This retreat offers you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your body and your relationship with a changing life from two different yet complementary perspectives: the medical and the energetic. It is time to listen to our inner knowing.

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Sensual Mystery: Graduates Retreat

28th November to 2nd December 2018

A 3 day deep diving residential weekend open to anyone who has completed the Sensual Mastery course. This is for the women who would love to journey deeper into the energetic realms that have been accessed through the first course.

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2019 Events

The expansion continues…
Wise Heart Wild Love Retreat

4th – 11th May 2019
Granada, Spain

An incredible private retreat with infinity pool and yoga shala where we will time to be nourished by the sunshine, delicious food, bathe and take rest. Experience lots of fun and playfulness with like minded sensual women. Plus learn the art of self sexual healing, to experience intensive processes that release and open the frequency of the sexual body.

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Sensual Mastery

5 month journey to allow you to feel sexually confident.


Time to immerse, learn something new, to be inspired.

Massage for Lovers

A retreat to expand capacity to give and receive through touch.

1-1 Sessions

Working with a broad spectrum of issues and situations.


Bringing new energy to your connection and relationship.

Shamanic Dance

Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey.

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