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1 to 1 in person and online body focused coaching sessions

I offer sessions for women and couples.

I offer sessions in person and online, exploring and assisting you to take your ecstatic potential for union ever deeper.

1 to 1
Amrita woman’s membership

( Nectar of the immortals )


Can be joined any time…


Regular monthly 90 minute online body focused group sessions as a tribe of women.

I have so often been told by women that they find it hard to maintain a consistent sensual, sexual and energetic centred connection with themselves.

It is so important that we take somatic attentiveness to our creative energy, our sexual nature, not just because it can bring us fulfilling sexual experience but because it brings safety, focus, potency, grounding, magnetism and the journey of self discovery.

woman in a meditative yoga position outdoor by the lake closeup
Sex, Blood and Bone


Sunday 20th February 2022


Glastonbury, Somerset

Attending to ancestral sexual memory and it’s effects in your sexual relationships.

This day inner retreat is an embodied exploration attending to traumatic experiences and energetic imprints that are stored in the memory of your lineage.  

Exploring your sexual heritage in your bloodline – how traumas and sexual history in your line can be affecting your sexual expression now. In my years of working with people’s sexual nature. I witness again and again the impact of ones immediate descendants sexual expression to the longer held themes that are carried through the lineage.

Blood and Bone
Jade Egg
Self Pleasure Series


Wednesday 9th to 23rd February



Are you wanting to make your sexual experience
fuller and deeper?

On my journey in sharing with women the power of the Jade egg I have discovered some wonderful benefits :

  • Increase of sensation within sexual experience.
  • Training your orgasms to arise more fully through penetration activating cervical orgasms.
  • The opening of the doorway to more G – spot orgasms and multi orgasmic experience.
  • To support the release of trauma from sexual abuse or negative past experience.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a toned and relaxed vagina.

This amazing masterclass is embodied, fun and it will not take long for you to see tangible results.


Jade and rose quartz eggs for sale!

The expansion continues…
Jade eggs and rose quartz eggs

For thousands of years Taoist Masters taught the secrets of the Jade egg, mainly to empresses and concubines. We are lucky to be receiving this sweet wisdom.

We have 3 packages available for you to choose now.

Jade Egg

Sensual Mastery

5 month journey to allow you to feel sexually confident.


Time to immerse, learn something new, to be inspired.

For Lovers

A retreat to expand capacity to give and receive through touch.

1-1 Sessions

Working with a broad spectrum of issues and situations.


Bringing new energy to your connection and relationship.

Jade Egg

Expand your capacity for pleasure with a Jade egg practice

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