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Sensual Mastery journey


Spring Course Full.
* New Autumn Dates

27th to 29th September

25th to 27th October

22nd to 24th November


Earthspirit centre, Compton Dundon, Somerset

This journey is a dynamic, experiential exploration that will allow you to feel absolutely safe as a sexually confident, fulfilled and vibrant woman.

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Feminine Wisdom retreat:
Rest, Restore, Deepen with The Arrigo Programme


19th to 25th March 2019


India – Raas Devigarh, Delwara

This is a retreat to process, restore, learn and rejuvenate, you will be supported to allow you to safely let go and deepen into exploring the self.

To be guided in self-enquiry to reclaim your feminine wisdom, to achieve a powerful emotional reset.

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Raas Devigarh
De mystifying Orgasms! Evening talk


11th April 2019



Orgasms – it is time as women to reclaim the art of orgasm which have multiple health benefits due to the hormones and other chemicals that are released.

This evening workshop is a sharing and investigation into the different types of orgasms that are available to us.

  • How to allow them to happen, with or without a partner.
  • How to make the movement of sexual energy become a healing art – taking orgasms back to the sacred.
  • We will explore some embodied practices and I can answer and questions or topics around this subject.

Date : 11th April
Venue : A Place to Heal – 118B Holland Park avenue, London W11 4UA
Time : 7pm to 8.30pm
Contact :

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Ignite the Wisdom of the Jade egg
Evening talk


29th April 2019



For thousands of years Taoist Masters taught the secrets of the Jade Egg, mainly to empresses and concubines. Luckily these teachings have filtered through to us over the centuries.

The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The exercises help to maintain or develop a healthy pelvic floor and sexual organs.

Jade egg exercises are particularly important as we get older or after having given birth. Pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and being overweight are all factors that often result in the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.

I will also share some practices to assist the release of the poas muscle ( the emotional brain ) and open the hips and support the buttocks muscles that help support the pelvic floor.

Date : 29th April
Venue : A Place to Heal – 118B Holland Park avenue, London W11 4UA
Time : 7pm to 8.30pm
Contact :

Wise Heart, Wild Love retreat


4th – 11th May 2019


Granada, Spain

I have designed this retreat to be a journey of deeply exploring the power of your sexual energy as a creative force within you.

Traveling ever deeper inwards throughout the week to the lost memories and voices of our true knowing of how we can walk on and be deeply connected with the earth.

Ageing Gracefully retreat


31st October to 3rd November



After the success of the last retreat we are super inspired by the women that came, the growing of self awareness of what this cycle of life is asking from us, how we can nourish our hearts, mind and body. Our changing and inspired sexual desire, how we take this time to self enquiry to the next level.

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New for 2019 – Jade and Rose Quartz eggs for sale!

The expansion continues…
Jade eggs and Rose Quartz eggs

For thousands of years Taoist Masters taught the secrets of the Jade Egg, mainly to empresses and concubines. We are lucky to be receiving this sweet wisdom.

We have 3 packages available for you to choose now.

Jade Egg
1 to 1 coaching sessions online 

For Woman and couples that live further away and unable to have a session in person.

Through out 2019 I will be offering more session times for online coaching sessions, exploring and assisting you to take your ecstatic potential for union ever deeper.

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Sensual Mastery

5 month journey to allow you to feel sexually confident.


Time to immerse, learn something new, to be inspired.

Massage for Lovers

A retreat to expand capacity to give and receive through touch.

1-1 Sessions

Working with a broad spectrum of issues and situations.


Bringing new energy to your connection and relationship.

Shamanic Dance

Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey.

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