Sessions for couples

Supporting your relationship

Most people’s deepest desire is to have love, connection and passion, yet most of us fill our lives up with busyness and distraction. This takes our awareness away from the fact that we feel something is missing – deep emotional connection. It’s too easy to become so familiar with our partner that we stop treating them with the respect and love they deserve and begin wanting something different.

If love and connection is important in your relationship it is worth taking some time and energy to explore some new ways to deepen your connection. My partner Pete and I offer a day that is custom created for you as a unique couple to meet whatever need that you have to take yourselves deeper.

No matter whether you have been together for years or are just at the beginning of your journey – there are some simple steps that will enable your relationship to be fresh, exciting, fulfilling and full of passionate love.

Few Explorations We Share

We teach simple and effective ways to transform, introducing you to powerful methods and techniques to transform any aspect of your relationship – we integrate tried and tested practices taken from ancient and modern wisdom from around the world. This is a holistic alternative approach to couples counseling.

Creative ways to explore fulfilling, sensual and tender love making.

Massage and touch.

Increasing libido and sensual charge between you both.

Create clear communication and deeper understanding.


This can be explored via :

3 hour session with just myself

3 hour or 5 hour session with Pete and myself in our Somerset studio.


Sensual Mastery

5 month journey to allow you to feel sexually confident.


Time to immerse, learn something new, to be inspired.

For Lovers

A retreat to expand capacity to give and receive through touch.

1-1 Sessions

Working with a broad spectrum of issues and situations.


Bringing new energy to your connection and relationship.


Women's membership embodiment practices for accessing sexual wisdom.

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