About Kalindi

A yearning to live in embodied beauty

I have always had a way to find and experience the beauty and potential in myself and the people around me. I have been heartbroken by the lack of sweet connection and tangible embodied beauty that people often don’t feel. As a teenager I started on a journey to find ways to assist myself and others to be able to step back into their natural and birthright experience of grace.

I facilitate 1 to 1 sessions for individual women and couples, women’s group retreats and courses, retreats for couples around the healing and deepening of our sexual vibrancy and joy.

I love the simple and subtleties of life, I love being grounded and practical as well as delving deep into mysteries. If I am taught something or told something I want to find out what it does for myself especially before I teach it with others.I have flowed from being a very shy child to an adventure seeking teenager, mother, emotionally broken woman unsafe in her body to the woman I am today full of vibrance, love, inner confidence and a passion to share.

I have been a qualified body worker in a variety of modalities since 1993, I have done training in breath work, rebirthing, trauma support, anatomy and physiology, feminine presence, Taoism, Tantra, family constellations, inner child and as a coach. I have created forms of support from my own journey and gathered wisdom from thousands of hours of private sessions.

In the last 12 years I have worked specifically within the realm of sexual healing having worked with thousands of people I feel I carry a wealth of wisdom and understanding around so many sexual arenas.

I also offer supervision for other Tantric and yoni healing body workers.

My passion is to live in a world where we are in harmony and balance with nature, to experience our deepest level of unity and connection.

Having been brought up by a science minded family, I love the relationship between intellect, body anatomy, mind psychology, science, logic, esoteric energy systems, the intuitive mind and the wildness of not knowing anything!

Between the ages of 18 and 22 I lived within a meditation based kundalini alchemy community. Through devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and two decades of exploring my own and others energy systems. I have gained deep understanding of the human energy system. I have an ever deepening understanding of human psychology and sexual nature. I incorporate wisdom from the paths of Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, devotion, voice, bodywork, psychology and being present with life as it unfolds in the moment.

Living in Love

Together we keep creating wonderful inner and outer adventures

Since 1993 when I have been a alchemist of touch and have been curious and trained in a variety of massage and body based techniques. Journeying with trauma release and long periods of time in self exploration though a variety of meditation modalities. Working with de-armouring the body and mind.

My partner, Pete and I have been together since January 2008 when life drew us together in India. We instantly opened to each other sharing and pooling our talents and gifts. Together we keep creating wonderful inner and outer adventures – not all comfortable but always worth it.  We both have children from previous partners with whom we weave our lives – mostly in harmony and sometimes navigating the challenges that arise. Our way is to always open to love, to encourage and support each other to meet those parts that sometimes shadow our love. Together we are consciously living in love.

Pete and Kalindi
Nimai pic

There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.

I have had the wonderful privilege of being a mother to my son Nimai. Who is now  age 26. The journey of motherhood has been one of my greatest teachers.

I have a vision of a world that is connected within vibrancy, honest communication and the sweet depth of exquisite unity. To allow our natural life force of sensual, fertile and creative nature to help define our human choices.

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