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Jady Mountjoy
Sensual Mastery Course Assistant

Jady brings a rich tapestry of wisdom and holding to the Sensual Mastery courses. Jady is a doula, childbirth and menstrual health educator, bodyworker, breath-worker, group facilitator and mother. Jady has worked within a wide range of holistic therapies over the past 15 years and nurturing others has always defined her path.

Alongside her training as a doula, Jady is also an experienced bodyworker specialising in shiatsu and massage for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period for both mother and baby.

For the past 5 years she has been undergoing training with Andy, and the late Ella, Portman of The Living Tao, exploring conscious connected breathing, self reflective processes and meditation practises.

She incorporates these practises into her work by responding to the unique journey of her client, relieving physical symptoms whilst also releasing, resolving and integrating emotional trauma held in the body.

Another prominent branch of her work explores the inherent wisdom of a woman’s menstrual cycle and engages with the natural and essential changes in her life from menarche to menopause. Reclaiming this knowledge can utterly transform a woman’s experience of herself, her relationships and her place in the World. She has trained closely with Alexandra Pope of The Red School, a pioneer in this field and mentors on her online menstrual health education programmes.

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Jolie Compton
Personal Assistant

Jolie assists for me on the practical side to running workshops, courses and retreats.

Jolie lives near Salisbury and is a mother of two boys. She’s spent  the last 15 years  working with women and families as a birth doula and a mentor, developing her therapeutic skills including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and yoga nidra meditation for relaxation and healing.  Jolie is now a trained Counsellor and provides listening support and online counselling sessions.  Her website is:

Previously she worked in client account management, events, marketing, web and graphic design, and brings a blend of skills along with heart and practicality to this support role. Jolie can be contacted on

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Pete Warnock
Bodyworker and breath worker

Some women need to receive the reflection from a man and to have the opportunity to work with the polarity that is created with man in a safe and held way. My partner Pete offers this in his own work and also with 1 to 1 session where appropriate.

Peter is an inspirational teacher and therapist. He has trained in many areas of the healing arts since 1992 including various styles of massage & bodywork, de-armouring, Breath-work, Aromatherapy, Reiki, yoga, meditation, Tantra, The Form and chi kung.

He integrates techniques from the most subtle energy based modalities to the deep tissue work of trigger pointing and rolfing to create what he calls Synergy Bodywork. His sessions also work as individual trainings, teaching one how to tune in to ‘presence’ and listen throughout one’s body, beyond the mind to the silent knowingness beyond suffering. These ‘skills’ are invaluable, enabling one to deal with whatever life brings with clarity and compassion and bringing one into greater harmony with life.

He has also undertaken professional training as a teacher – bringing out more of his natural ability to see and encourage the best in people. He practices and teaches internationally and is immersed in his own personal and spiritual unfoldment. Pete is also my partner.

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