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Unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition
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Fall into your inner wisdom and insight

When I was dreaming up this retreat, I started getting ecstatic chills running up and down my body. Everything was a yes yes yes! Time to fall into your inner wisdom and insight. To create a field of energetic magnificence, which can carry the change we are each looking for. To unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition and self nourishment.

If you cannot find it in your own body,
where will you go to find it?

The Upanishads

As I was coming up to my 10th Sensual Mastery course, I had decided I wanted to have a group of women for a concentrated time, to journey within ourselves. To create a field of energetic magnificence, which can carry the change we are each looking for. To unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition and self nourishment.


Our heart intelligence can get knocked off course and it is so important to take time to listen to her wise words. Our hearts have a deeper wisdom beyond our wildest dreams, the capacity to sit in the centre of your being in love is real. This week journey is to open our inner journey to that centre and the seat within her.

I long to step into the wild abandon of love, the ocean of carefree knowing and sweet surrender. This is how I want to feel in my friendships, with my family, with nature and my lover. Wild is the untamed nature of your being that has been held hostage by your beliefs and fears keeping your experience of yourself and your energy small.

What To Expect

This holiday retreat is located in a beautiful sunshine location. Woven within this weeks tapestry will be time to be nourished by the sunshine, bathe and take rest. There will be a trip out half way through the week that will create an opportunity to explore in nature our sensual connectivity.

Delicious luscious light wholesome food.

Lots of fun and playfulness with like minded sensual women.

Daily womb yoga and yin yoga to assist your body and pelvis to open and release.

Cervical activations that awaken your ability to take your sexual energy to connect with the inner lovers embrace.

To find the tangible dance within you of the lover and the loved making love together.

There will be the opportunity to free yourself from inhibitions that you may have around your body, to move in comfort and connection within your body.

To learn the art of self sexual healing, to experience intensive processes that release and open the frequency of the sexual body. Self empowerment and journeying inwards using the art of shamanic trance dance.

Wise Hearts Small

Typical Day

7.30am – 9am: Morning womb yoga and yin yoga
9am – 10am: Breakfast
10am – 1pm: Morning exploration
1pm – 3pm: Lunch and siesta
3pm – 5pm: Time by beach, Pool and 1 to1 sessions
5pm – 7pm: Afternoon inner journey with shamanic trance dance / sometimes free movement or Yoga
7pm – 8.30pm: Dinner
8.30pm: Evening exploration.

Practical Information

May 4th to May 11th 2019

Granada, Spain


Sensual Mastery

5 month journey to allow you to feel sexually confident.


Time to immerse, learn something new, to be inspired.

Massage for Lovers

A retreat to expand capacity to give and receive through touch.

1-1 Sessions

Working with a broad spectrum of issues and situations.


Bringing new energy to your connection and relationship.

Shamanic Dance

Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey.

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