Wise Heart, Wild Love Retreat

Orgiva, Spain


Unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition
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The importance of women taking time to nourish, to delve deep inside, to travel along the wisdom of our hearts teachings and to un-tame our love from the restrictions of the cage of limiting beliefs that keep us small and tame in the way we love. This retreat is learning how to cascade along the wave of delicious sexual vitality to liberate the heart into sweet wild union.

Prices include all teaching, accommodation, delicious vegetarian food, daily womb yoga and pelvic stretching sessions, sensual activation practices, shamanic trance and cacao dance, hiking and relaxation. Equipment and manual, also a private online login to access meditations, music playlists, videos and mp3.

Price: £899 – Deposit of £200 to secure your space.
*Fully Refundable see Retreat and Booking Information Below

Payment plan options available.

If you cannot find it in your own body,
where will you go to find it?

The Upanishads



The House of Light Retreat Centre is a tranquil sanctuary set among the stunning natural backdrop of La Alpujarra in Southern Spain.


Stunning surroundings for you to enjoy in this retreat centre full of intricate Moroccan and Moorish inspired design and details.


Beautiful private space to rest, sleep and enjoy.  There are 5 beautiful twin rooms within the centre and 3 gorgeous yurts set within the gardens.


Cool off in the wonderful pool, enjoy beautiful gardens and lots of thoughtfully created nature based spaces and places for you to enjoy.


Multiple workshop spaces including the indoor yoga hall for practices, dance, ceremony and play.


Beautiful home cooked healthy nourishing food plus outdoor dining and views to enjoy from dawn till dusk.



When I was dreaming up this retreat, I started getting ecstatic chills running up and down my body. Everything was a yes yes yes!

Time to fall into your inner wisdom and insight. To create a field of energetic magnificence, which can carry the change we are each looking for. To unlock the gateways to our deeper intuition and self nourishment.

I have designed this retreat to be a journey of deeply exploring the power of your sexual energy as a creative force within you. As a women only retreat we have the safety and support of each other to:

  • Learn practices that awaken and re charge your life force and detox your heart and mind.
  • Connect to your hearts yearning to discover the answers to those big questions in life.
  • Increase your magnetic attraction so that the dream of your life can be fulfilled.

Traveling ever deeper inwards throughout the week to the lost memories and voices of our true knowing of how we can walk on and be deeply connected with the earth. This human journey is changing in intensity and the conversation between humans and the planet is hotting up! So I feel it is even more important for each of us to stand in our authentic wisdom and live our life offering.



Learn how to access, cultivate and use sexual energy as a powerful, creative inner force for transformation.


Experience a truly connected celebration of woman in a safe supported female immersion.


Explore a variety of energetic, physical, and mental practices including tantric meditation, womb yoga, Jade eggs, dance, journaling and more…


Learn how cultivating sexual energy increases your magneticism and confidence, inviting more authentic living and fuller self-expression.


Receive and resource yourself with sun, water, play, relaxation, celebration, hiking, home-cooked-locally-sourced food plus powerful sexual alchemy practices.


Develop a practice for life to take home and continue for full sexual and creative vibrancy – exercises, tools and resources included.

“ Every woman who helps herself, helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her ”

Dr Christiane Northrup 

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Our heart intelligence can get knocked off course and it is so important to take time to listen to her wise words. Our hearts have a deeper wisdom beyond our wildest dreams, the capacity to sit in the centre of your being in love is real. This week journey is to open our inner journey to that centre and the seat within her.

I long to step into the wild abandon of love, the ocean of carefree knowing and sweet surrender. This is how I want to feel in my friendships, with my family, with nature and my lover. Wild is the untamed nature of your being that has been held hostage by your beliefs and fears keeping your experience of yourself and your energy small.

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The House of Light Retreat Centre is a tranquil sanctuary set among the stunning natural backdrop of La Alpujarra in Southern Spain. This location has a special, vibrant energy that has long attracted spiritual travellers and those on soul-led wellbeing journeys.

House of Light is, energetically, such a special place to do personal transformation and body work while feeling close to and connected with nature. The magical property and land, from where you can view both the mountains and ocean, is beautiful and inspiring, as well as incredibly nurturing. Its diverse and distinctive
spaces have been intricately and lovingly designed to give individuals the opportunity to connect with nature, open up, drop into vulnerability and connect quickly and deeply with one’s self.

Nourishment and nurturing is a big part of the offering here too. We have excellent chefs to design and provide delicious vegetarian menus.

There are 5 beautiful twin rooms and 3 gorgeous twin yurts set within the gardens. The owners, have spent over five years investing in the development of the centre and the love and dedication to the space shows in the intricate Moroccan and Moorish inspired design and details.

There is beautiful gardens, swimming pool and lots of thoughtfully created nature based spaces and places for contemplation.

During our 6 days and nights together we will be going on a journey riding on the waves of our sensual and sexual life force.

Opening the body daily with womb yoga focused on pelvic toning, alignment and relaxation, creating the perfect foundation for sexual energy to grow, to be activated, to heal the body, to enlighten the senses and the mind.

Throughout the week we will be discovering deeper layers through:

  • Yoni yoga with Yoni eggs.
  • Self empowerment and journeying inwards using the art of shamanic trance dance and ecstatic movement to shed and awaken being.
  • Cervical activations that awaken your ability to take your sexual energy to connect with the inner lovers embrace.
  • Find the tangible dance within you of the lover and the loved making love together.
  • Celebrate the body of woman in all her shapes and forms, freeing ourself from any inhibitions that we have about our body, the way she looks, the way she feels – creating through the week an energetic detox.
  • Celebration ritual for the uniting of woman, freeing ourselves from competition and comparison.
  • Allowing our voices to open to our highest calling, sounding from the heart.
  • Learn practices that you can weave into your daily live when you return home that will keep your sexual vibrancy alive.

Woven within this weeks tapestry will be time to be relaxing in the pool and basking in the sunshine.

Lots of fun and playfulness with like minded sensual women.

Delicious luscious light wholesome vegetarian food.

A day trip hiking in the mountains

Indoor and out door shaded yoga studios.

Meditation temple.

Sun and moon bathing in the Pool.



Kalindi is an intimacy coach and somatic healer that works with women, couples and teenagers around sexual healing, increasing intimacy, heart and sensual liberation and inspiring connection with ones inner source.

Jolie Compton is a mother, birth doula, yoga nidra teacher, counsellor and Kalindi’s assistant for the last four years. She will be available for 1-1 listening sessions and will be offering yoga nidra meditations during the retreat.

Typical Day

7.30am – 9am : Morning movement activation

9am – 10am : Breakfast

10am – 1pm : Morning workshop/exploration

1pm – 3.30pm : Lunch and siesta

3.30pm – 4.30pm : Meditation

4.30pm – 5.30pm : Rest

5.30pm – 7pm : Afternoon inner journey via movement

7pm – 8.30pm: Dinner

8.30pm: Evening workshop/exploration

Retreat and Booking Information


The House of Light, Orgiva, Spain

Price includes : 

Full accommodation in a luxurious shared twin room

Delicious vegetarian meals

All tuition, techniques, meditations, recordings

All the joy, transformation, fun and depth of release you can take yourself on….

A 1 hour after care session online with Kalindi

Price :

  • £899 – Deposit of £200 to secure your space.

* Monies will be refunded if the Covid Pandemic restricts anyone attending the retreat ( including facilitators ) by closure or restriction of their home country borders, closure or restriction of Spanish borders. If a lockdown stops travel. If it becomes mandatory for people to receive a vaccine to travel and they do not wish to take the vaccine therefore need to cancel they’re booking. This will include myself as I do not want to take the vaccine.

Payment plan options available – Please contact us….

Flights are not included in price

Transport to and from the airport are not included in price

“ When women gather great things happen “

Leymah Gbowee


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