Shamanic Trance Dance

A powerful inner journey of discovery

What is Shamanic Trance Dance?
Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey of discovery that enables you to find the answers to your own questions. Journeying inwards to find your own answers to important life questions. We have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, it is easy to believe that everyone else knows better. So take this opportunity to dance your way inside to seek your own wisdom.

Shamanic Trance Dance Rituals are held in a sacred space as a ritual, accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum. Using effective ancient and innovative techniques that naturally and safely moves one into a ‘trance’ state of consciousness, where it becomes possible to enter the world of the spirit, to discover visions, guidance, wisdom, healing, empowerment, beauty and magic!


The roots of shamanic trance dance echo back to our distant past, through many cultures. Shamans and ancient people used ‘trance’ induced by the rhythm of shamanic drumming, or repetitive chanting and clapping to enter these inner hidden realms of ‘Spirit’, That dwell within Great Mystery known as the ‘Dreamtime.’

“When I did my training to become a guardian of this method to wisdom, I had such insightful visions , reflections, emotional release, let go, surrender, grace and union. I fell in love with it as a medium to find my own way, to self empower and to fly free inside myself naturally just using everything I was born with, my body, my breath, my movement, my spirit and my interconnectedness with all. If you have a passion to use your natural resources to find you! then come and join the journey!”

The Workshop

Under the cover of the darkness found when wearing a blindfold, one is able to let go fears around self image and inhibitions. The inner space that covered eyes creates, gives permission to dance and move freely in privacy even though there are other participants dancing in the room.

During the ritual Kalindi ensures the safety of the group. A focused personal intention or prayer have long been central to the ceremonies and rituals found in all traditions of shamanism.

Who am I ?
Where do I come from?
Why and what am I to do here?
Where should I focus my attention?
Is this the right direction for me?

Your intention can also be something that you would like to receive in your life for example: self love, greater confidence, clarity, trust, self empowerment, inner truth, insight into a particular area of your life or relationship, healing of a deep wound or a particular health or emotional problem.

The breath of fire is a strong breathing technique designed to energise the body and enhance the senses. The fire breath aids in the ‘letting go’ of normal time and space, enabling one to more easily enter an ‘altered state’ or ‘non ordinary reality’.

Come and let yourself go into your depths
I am part of a Shamanic trance dance collective so if you are unable to make my dance there are more happening within the UK and Europe.

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Come and let yourself go into the journey of discovery

I am part of a Shamanic trance dance collective so if you are unable to make my dance there are more happening within the UK and Europe. Just a few of the Shamanic trance dance facilitator family.

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Shamanic Dance

Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey.

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