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Tantric intimacy day workshop for couples


A day long introductory workshop for couples.

An opening exploration into making your intimacy expansive, connected and vital.

Tantric intimacy day workshop for couples

Explore how to make your intimacy more expansive, connected and vital.

As lovers it is easy to slip into familiar patterns and lose sight of the sweet vibrant connection that we long for and know is possible with each other.

My partner Pete and I have been together for 12 years and have woven into the tapestry of our relationship the ability to stay fresh and new as lovers, creating more opening, safety and deeper states of union together.

As intimacy teachers and sexual healers, we have a passion for couples to take their intimacy beyond the everyday interaction of connection and to journey deeply into sacred union, energetic expansion and true intimacy with life.

In this day workshop we will bring some of our fundamental practices that will enable you as lovers to open to an expanded potency within your love making.

We will share as many energetic and communication processes as we can fit into the day. These root in our own fascination and study of anatomy, sexual understanding and years of exploring bodywork, energy work, meditation, breath work, sacred intimacy and esoteric practices from both modern and ancient eastern and western wisdom.

“ To be in the wild embrace of the chaos of life whilst remaining in the stillness of the moment “

Daily practices to:
Communicate more effectively,
To learn new techniques for intimacy,
Drop out of the mind and into the body, allowing natural sexual instinct to flow,
Sexual energy anatomy,
Cultivate awareness, energy and love

This is a practical workshop for couples only – it is not a therapy workshop. The practices will be communication and energetically based with your own partner only. There will be no nudity.

The Facilitators

THE FACILITATORS: Kalindi and Pete

We have been together since January 2008 when life drew us together in India. We instantly opened to each other sharing, expanding our talents and gifts. We have both been exploring the field of personal transformation and awakening through a varied spectrum of wisdom streams since the early 90’s. We have been working independently as as coaches, mentors, therapists and facilitators since then and after meeting we started sharing our work together.

Our approach is to share and explore in depth practical and accessible information and practices that transform your relationship on many different levels, making it more holistic and fulfilling.

Together we are consciously living in love.

Next Event

Date: Sat 18th Jan 2020
Time: 10am – 5pm
Where: Glastonbury
Cost: £150 per couple

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