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– Important information on how to get started
– How to clear and clean your egg
– Frequency of use and more…

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“The Jade Egg practice is something that has been a huge shift in my sexual experience for me. Having experienced the changes within my vagina after giving birth to my son 23 years ago, I am so grateful for the restorative connection and re strengthening of the muscle tone that the Jade egg can create. They are also so perfect for any stage of life. I feel every woman should use one, to explore the amazing health benefits, connection and strength it brings.” Kalindi Jordan


Here is a podcast about my journey and the effects on the pelvis after birth

Step 1


Information about:
– The history of the Jade egg
– Choosing your Jade egg
– You and your Jade egg
– Frequency of use and more…

History of the Jade egg

For thousands of years Taoist Masters taught the secrets of the Jade Egg, mainly originally to empresses and concubines of China. Luckily these teachings have filtered through different cultures over the centuries.

Benefits of the Jade egg
Benefits of the Jade egg
Benefits of the Jade egg
The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The exercises help to maintain or develop a healthy pelvic floor and sexual organs. Working with the PC (the pubococcygeal muscle) which runs from the pubic bone to the coccyx.

It supports all of the pelvic organs: bladder, uterus and rectum. It is the main muscle of the pelvic floor and controls the opening and closing of the urethra, the vagina and to some degree, the anus. Jade egg exercises are particularly important as we get older or after having given birth. Pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and being overweight are all factors that often result in the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Cultivates sexual energy. Focuses attention and stimulates sensation in the area. Increases sensitivity in the genital area. Enables conscious connection to this area if one has previously felt disconnected. On an energetic level it trains our body to draw energy upwards through our root into our body systems. Increases blood circulation and improves the natural flow of hormones.

Tightens and tones the vagina – increasing the tone in your vagina increases the intensity of your orgasm. Releases pelvic and vaginal tension. Helps bring awareness to and clear held emotions in the vaginal muscles. Improves muscle control. It is said to prevent or resolve urinary incontinence. Addresses vaginal dryness. After menopause the walls of the vagina can become thinner, using the egg regularly helps promote cellular regeneration and blood flow. If the pelvic floor muscles become weak, they are less able to support the organs inside your pelvis. This can lead to incontinence or even a prolapsed uterus. Jade egg exercises help strengthen this whole area.

Properties of Jade and Rose quartz
Jade and Rose Quartz
Jade and Rose Quartz
Jade has been used by people across the globe for over 6,000 years. It has been the most highly esteemed stone in China throughout recorded history and was valued for its beauty, powers of healing and protection. Jade is also known for dispelling negative energy and influence. It was used to cleanse negative vibrations from the vagina because of their king or sexual partner having many lovers.

Green Jade
is a symbol of serenity and purity. It is a protective stone, known as a ‘dream stone’ bringing insightful dreams. It aids emotional release, especially of irritability, aiding the body’s filtration and elimination organs. Removes toxins and balances body fluids.

Black Jade
emanates strong, protective energies to ward off negative assault, physical or psychological, including self limitation.

Blue Jade
calms the mind, encouraging peace and reflection, and is valuable in promoting visions and dreams.

Brown Jade
is grounding and provides comfort and reliability.

Lavender Jade
alleviates emotional hurt and provides spiritual nourishment. Its energy is of the highest etheric spectrum.

Orange Jade
brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating.

Purple Jade
encourages mirth and happiness, and purifies one’s aura. It dispels the negative and increases one’s level of discernment.

Red Jade
is a stone of life-force energy, dispelling fear that holds one back, and urges one to action.

White Jade
filters distractions, pulls in relevant, constructive information and aids in decision making.

Yellow Jade
is a stone of assimilation and discrimination.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is soft pink quartz connected to the heart chakra known for for self-love & healing. Rose quartz yoni eggs are the stone of the heart, of unconditional love, sacred sensuality & an attractor of beauty. It is said to be useful for dissolving old wounds and traumas especially conneted to self love and relationships.

Personally I am no expert in crystals and although I experience a different energy with every Jade egg that I have tried, I have not experienced the claims of the properties listed above. This is for you to explore yourself.

Choosing a Jade egg and sizes
There is no wrong size to start your practice with and also you do not have to use a Jade egg. There are many different types of Jade egg now available all with different crystal qualities. I personally really love the quality of Jade and suggest starting ones practice with a medium sized drilled yoni egg.

Small – 22mm x 30mm – approx
A smaller Jade egg is more challenging – either to keep inside or to feel. It can feel a bit disappointing especially if you have had children. This size is better for women that have stronger and more experienced yoni muscles. Also when you have been practicing with a medium for a while you can use the small egg to fine tune. Also good for women with tighter vaginas but do consult with me first about the suitability of using a Jade egg if your vagina is tight.

Medium – 30mm x 40mm – approx
The medium size Jade egg is ideal for most women weather they have had children or not.

Large – 40mm x 50mm – approx
The larger eggs are usually best for women that are healing themselves from prolapse, incontinence, and / or are mothers of several children. It is heavier and therefore easier to feel but can be hard to hold in while standing up if muscles are not so strong so start with laying down practices. And then move to a medium egg. Use un-flavored and unwaxed dental floss to string your drilled egg. If you have not got a drilled egg you can push it out gently with your
muscles. I personally have a whole set and use them depending on my mood.

Not Genuine Jade

Keep in mind that not every crystal is safe to be worn inside the yoni, especially for prolonged periods of time. It is always a good idea to do your own research. The stones listed below are not genuine Nephrite or Jade

• Amazonite
• Chalcedony
• Aventurine
• Chrysoprase
• Serpentine
• Talc
• Pounamu
• Vesuvianite
• Prehnite
• Grossular garnet
• Malaysia Jade
• Opaque dolomite marble
• Onyx, a translucent marble

Your Anatomy

Before you start with your Jade egg, I believe that it is important to have a clearer understanding of your anatomy. I believe that empowerment is the experience of an embodied wisdom, part of that is understanding to some degree how your body and systems work so that we can assist any healing process.that are really key to the deeper success and connection benefits. Here are a few diagrams that I hope will inspire you into taking your interest deeper.

Frequency of use

Per Week:

Committing to at least one 20 minute practice every week. That is the minimum you need to do to feel results.

Different teachers will teach different amounts of time. I personally feel that the vagina needs to also have days of rest from doing any of the exercises. So my suggestion for maximum use is a 20 minute exercise practice every other day.

Jade eggs are fabulous to have in while we are sleeping, they are great at enhancing dreams, making there meaning clearer and feeling refreshed when you wake up. I have had many menopausal women get some of their best night sleep in years. I suggest maximum to sleep with the egg in every other night.

Be careful when waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet as I have also had women say they forgot and lost their egg down the loo!

Important notes around physical issues

I work with women with many different situations within the realm of sexual healing, within this journey I have met a range of symptoms, not all of them suit using a Jade egg or some that need a very specific practice rather than the generalised one I have created here.

It will be unlikely that an egg will be able to be inserted but if you are able I advise you not to do the exercises, just to sleep with her in or lay still relaxing, as the muscles are already tight so there is no need to over work them and cause more unnecessary tightness.

I would suggest to just sleep with the Jade egg in at first, using the healing qualities of the Jade to work through any emotions that are connected with this autoimmune disorder.

Make sure you use an organic lubricant to avoid irritation.

I would speak to your doctor about your practice so that they know how you are supporting yourself. I would start the practice for a shorter amount of time and spend time really running into the subtle, smaller muscle awareness.

If you are still unsure then please book in a online session with me and I can assist you in creating a customised practice for you and your situation.

When to not use the Jade egg Natural

It is advised not to use the yoni egg

• You are menstruating:
This is due to the energy of the vagina is releasing and a downed out energy with the flow of blood so it is good to allow the body to surrender to this natural process
• You have an IUD (Intra-uterine device): This is due to it potentially dislodging the placement of the IUD
• Your vulva, vagina or bladder is inflamed or infected:
It is best to allow your body to heal first rather than create any further physical agitation.
• You are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant I have added more information below about this.
• You have a moderate or severe vaginal prolapse The muscle structure while in prolapse is a bit more complicated and needs very specific exercises to help with creating support – please speak to your doctor and physiotherapist for the best treatment. A mild prolapse it can really help to maintain muscle health.
• You have had pelvic surgery in the last three months:
After any surgery it is wise to allow your body to heal naturally and follow any specific exercises that are subscribed by your doctor or physiotherapist

Pregnancy and the use of the Jade egg

Jade eggs can help increase fertility so using them while trying to become pregnant can be helpful to release blockages, being more at ease and open, increasing vitality, activating proper blood flow into your pelvis and uterus. When your pelvic floor is stronger and circulation is clear, the chances of getting pregnant increases.

The use of Jade eggs during pregnancy is a slightly more controversial subject. Different teachers have different views. The first three months of pregnancy are delicate and often it is advised to be more cautious around many things. The reason why many people will advise against it, is due to prevention of miscarriage.

However, while pregnant the body has a heightened awareness of what is ok for your body and your baby. Ultimately it is really up to your own intuition. Our body has its own intelligence and miscarriages are more often caused by an imperfection in the gestation rather than something the women has done. Although it is also a challenge to pin point the precise cause of miscarriages.

Though, there are women that have used their eggs during pregnancy and have had healthy gestations with no complications, each case is always unique to each woman.
If you’ve had a strong Jade egg practice for at least 6 months prior to conception and you are very confident in your practice and you feel your pregnancy is a healthy one, then it may be ok to practice every now and again for very short periods of time more to keep emotional connection to the vagina rather than to gain strength. Or just choose to use it while you sleep. I suggest not using them during the final month or two of pregnancy due to the cervix becoming overly sensitive and beginning to dilate. Also to consult your doctor, doula and midwife.

Personally I would not use one while pregnant.

After Birth
Wait until your doctor advises to you that it is safe to restore your Jade egg practice after birth. Probably after around 6 weeks. The body needs time to heal. The Jade egg practice can assist in bringing you back to a pre-pregnancy state. Just 5 minutes of practice every other day will help you regain tone, strength and
flexibility. You can increase the practice time progressively as long as you leave one day in between for recovering, healing and resting. You could treat yourself with vaginal steaming that will assist in relaxing the muscles.

As long as you have no open sores. If you have any scaring please make sure they are hydrated by
moisturising and gentle massage. It can take time to be ready for intercourse again after birth, be gentle connect with your vagina yourself first before another person does. Take time to create a positive relationship with this new vagina, as she has had an initiation into a new creation through giving birth. Receive love, foreplay, kissing, cuddling, gentle breast touch if breast feeding and love making without penetration can also speed up the healing. Allow yourself to also maintain the lover quality between you and your partner.

Organic Virgin Coconut oil
• Effects last longer than a water-based lubricant
• Has moisturising qualities and can induce wetness
• Can be a treatment for fungal infections as it has antibacterial properties

• Can mess with the effectiveness of condoms
• It can sometimes make someone more prone to vaginal infections because of its antibacterial properties
• Can cause irritation

Jojoba Oil
• Lasts longer than water-based lubricants
• Helps reduce inflammation
• It resembles human sebum in its chemical makeup

• It can mess with condoms making them possibly break

Sweet Almond Oil
• Moisturising and safe for vaginal use
• Full of antioxidants
• Smells sweet
• Doesn’t leave behind a residue, easy to clean sheets
• I often add a couple of drops of organic rose essential oil

• Can mess with condoms making them possibly break

Organic Rosehip Oil
• Contains Omegas so it is great for tissue repair • Wearing an overnight suppository can soften tissue so good for scar tissue

• Can mess with condoms
• Can contain trace amounts of seeds
• Can stain sheets/mattresses

Organic Argan Oil from Morocco
• A natural aphrodisiac
• Has a warm sweet fragrance
• Has a very soothing and smooth texture

• Can mess with the effectiveness of condoms
• Is absorbed quickly, so a large amount may be needed and it is more expensive

Non Toxic Water-Based Lubes
Do not use synthetic products in the vagina. For some of you, water-based lubes will feel better. Here is one that I can recommend:
▪ Yes ( brand ) – Contains no parabens or chemicals, plant based and certified organic


Is there an age limit for this?
Am I too old? No!The Jade egg is perfect for everyone to stay sexually vibrant especially through menopause and post menopause. The Jade egg practice can help with some of the hormonal challenges associated with ageing by keeping your body sexually awakened.

I have had a complete or partial hysterectomy. Can I still use the Jade egg and will it still work?
Yes, absolutely it is great to work with the Jade egg to keep connection! If you have had recent surgery i.e. within the last three months, then please ask your doctor if this is a suitable time and when is the appropriate time to begin the Jade egg practice. If your healing is complete, then this is fine.

What if the string breaks can it get lost?
The egg will not get lost, the entrance to the cervix is far to small for anything to past through from the outside. If your string breaks then just squat and push down lightly until the egg comes close to the entrance and scoop out with your fingers.

Can I have intercourse whilst my egg is inside?
Yes you can! My advice is to play slow and gentle if making love with the egg. it can be a loving playful way to bring attentiveness into your sexual play. The Rose quartz is particularly a sweet egg to use due to it’s aphrodisiac qualities.

Step 2

Getting ready to use your Jade egg 

Explore these different ways to prepare for your Jade Egg practice by washing and cleansingthe egg both physically and energetically.

Through preparation we are building a relationship with the Jade egg to use inside your body.

This is an invitation to treat your body as sacred and enjoy this time of exploration.

Physically cleaning your Jade egg
Physically cleaning my Jade egg
Physically cleaning my Jade egg
How often should I cleanse my yoni egg?
Cleanse your Jade egg before using them each time. Especially when you first receive the egg as this will remove any energy from there journey to you. Always physically wash before using to prevent transference of bacteria. Also cleanse your eggs physically after every time you use them. Then keep them in a clean bag. washing with boiled water. Place in a cup of boiled water for 10 minutes.

Physically cleaning your egg
I like to clean my egg with Dr Bronners Lavender organic soap and then place it in a cup of boiled water for a couple of minutes in order to sterilise it. Always make sure you have rinsed the soap off fully before placing it inside you. When I first receive a Jade egg I like to place it in boiling water for 30 seconds to start with it fresh and new. You can put a thread through the drilled holes, thread this onto a wooden spoon and lay that across the pan full of boiling water just for 30 seconds will be fine.

Let it cool down before you use it and dispose of the thread, insert a fresh one. Always use a fresh piece of thread each time you use your egg. It is best to use non-waxed and un-flavoured dental floss. This enables you to remove the egg when finished. Only boil it this once ( when first receive it ) as it can change the healing qualities if done to much.

After use
Take the string out and dispose of it. Clean the hole of the egg by either blowing through it or using another piece of string (or dental floss) to clean it. Rinse the egg under running water and organic soap, let it dry. Keep it in a piece of cloth or a small Jade egg bag.

Energetically cleansing your Jade egg

Your intuition is very important in trusting when you feel your egg needs to be energetically cleaned. There maybe times that you feel to cleanse them more if you are going through a strong emotional time and maybe less at other times.

If you have a regular Jade egg practice and are in high spirits most of the time with a fruitful life, then once or twice a month is probably enough.

If you’re going through an emotional time, then more often will be ideal as your Jade egg will pick up negative energy.

If you use your Jade egg with your partner for making love, then energetically cleansing them after sexual encounters is ideal, as the egg will also pick up energies from your lover and process for them also.

7 ways to energetically cleanse your Jade egg

1. Full Moon

1. Full Moon

The full moon energy is my personal choice of cleansing ritual. Lay the egg either outside on the earth or on a window sill overnight, maybe in a flower pot resting on the soil – allowing the full moon light to touch them. I will still put them out even if it is cloudy as the full moon energy is still present. ( Although one woman laid hers out on her lawn and woke up to find a badger had eaten her egg!! )



2. Sunlight

2. Sunlight

I often leave my egg laying on the earth on a very hot sunny day as I feel the beautiful light of the sun penetrates the crystal and energises her just as we get energised but sunshine. It can also be left on a window sill in the full sun.





3. Smudging

3. Smudging

Smudging is a Native American cleansing method that uses dried sage bundles or palo santo sticks. Once you have lit the smudge stick pass your Jade egg through the smoke to clear it. The length of time that you smudge the egg for is an intuitive process and an opportunity to become present and tune in.





4. Bury it in the earth

4. Bury it in the earth

I also like to bury my egg in the garden from time to time, just over night, as I feel the soil has a wonderful absorbent energy for any negativity that the egg may have been cleaning from your system.







5. Energy healing and positivity

5. Energy healing and positivity

Simply hold your egg in your hands or lay on your heart and set loving intentions, good feelings or Reiki if you have been attuned.








6. Sound healing

6. Sound healing

Tibetan singing bowls have a beautiful vibration or a gong, take you egg maybe to a sound healing or gong bath. Place your eggs near the Tibetan bowl as you play it and allow them to bathe in the loving sound. Singing or chanting – having them near you when you sing with healing intention.






7. Spring water

7. Spring water

A spring water bath or placing them under natural running water. Placing them in a slow flowing stream for an hour is great ( make sure it is not so strong that it gets washed away.  Salt water is also an amazing healer but can be corrosive to many crystals so I recommend keeping this method to 10 minutes then rinsing the salt off in fresh water. If you live near the ocean you can tie the Jade egg string around your hand or where as a necklace while you swim to avoid losing it.




Tune into what feels right...

Tune into what feels right...

There are other ways that you can energetically cleanse your Jade eggs. Be creative and make it your own unique way. Most importantly is that they are cleansed of negative energies and infused with positive ones.







Step 3

 Using your Jade egg for the first time
Creating ritual - inserting the egg

Take the egg in your hands and connect.

Take a moment, smile and let the egg take on the warmth and the love from your hands.

Hold the egg with the large end going in first just outside your vagina and relax, check in with yourself that she feels ready to receive and when you get a yes continue. If you get a ‘no’ then take a few more breaths and try again – if the ‘no’ persists then try again another time Then gently place the egg in the inside of the inner labia. Move it around in slow circles making connection. Keep belly breathing and smiling as you are doing this. Make sure your lips move when you smile ( the ones on your face! and vagina too!).

You can help the egg enter the vagina by gently having the intention and slight sucking up wards while gently pushing it in with your fingers. When you inhale, you feel the vagina sucking in the egg, and when you exhale let her relax and open – do not push down.

Take time with moving the egg inwards and never force it in. Once the egg is in it can be helpful at first to hold the string taut so you can feel the tugging as your muscles squeeze and pull on the egg. This can be very satisfying, especially if you cannot feel anything happening. If you have had children I advise that you start with the laying down practice as it can be disheartening to stand up and it fall straight out! If to does that no worries this is why the practice is so good to rebuild muscular tone.

Floor practice

Start your Jade egg practice lying down – standing up requires far more muscle control, however, you may find that the vaginal muscles are tight and standing up is fine. If you do stand up make sure you are above something soft as it may fall out and can smash on a hard floor.

Laying on your back with you knees up and feet on the ground. Holding your womb, breath in deeply and on the out breath make the sound Hawww…. 3 times, connecting your voice with your womb.

Fully relax the vagina between exercises and take a couples of relaxing breaths.

Slowly contract your vagina, squeeze your Jade egg and a small pelvic tilt upwards. Hold the grip for a slow count of 3. At the end of the contraction, squeeze your yoni egg one more time rapidly and firmly. Then slowly relax the muscles. Repeat nine times.

Make sure you fully relax between contractions. Slowly build up to holding the grip of your Jade egg for a count of 10. Gently pushing the right knee away from you head and release on an out breath, the left knee away from head and release on an out breath. Do this 4 times on each side. Releasing any tension down into the earth. Squeeze your Jade egg and lift upwards and as you squeeze feel your sit bones coming together. Hold the grip for 3 counts. Repeat 9 times.

Rapidly contract and release your vaginal muscles. Do this with a rhythm and fast beat. Slowly build up to a faster beat. Breathe in, squeeze your yoni egg and pull your egg upwards towards the cervix. Hold the egg in the pulled up position for a count of 3 then exhale and push your egg down towards the opening. Repeat 9 times.

Lie on your back. Your knees are up and hips width apart. Your arms are by your side, your neck long. Breathe in and squeeze your yoni egg.

Lift it upwards and feel your sit bones come closer together. Now slowly raise the hips from the floor by tilting your hip bones upwards. Hold your breath and squeeze.Then let your tailbone lift off the mat very slowly one vertebrae at a time. Bring your body as high as you can comfortably. Hold the pose for a moment and squeeze. Then exhale with an Mmmm and then on the next round with an Ahhh sound and relax your body down one vertebrae at a time. Repeat 9 times. Letting any tension to fall into the earth.

As if you belly button was 12 o’clock and your pubic bone was 6 o’clock, your right hip is 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.
Start to roll the pelvis from 6, via 9 to 12 o’clock and back from 12 o’clock to 6 via 9 o’clock –
Do this 9 times and then rolling pelvis from 6 o’clock, via 3 o’clock to 12 – Do this 9 times. Then flow into full circles 12 to 3 to 6 to 9 to 12.

All while focusing in on the Jade and the egg caressing you inside. Hold knees up to chest and circle the hips. Lay flat and bicycle your feet – flex and and stretch feet alternatively. Tuning into the vagina. Try and initiate the movement from the Vagina.

Feet then moving feet like wind screen wipers – bringing big toes together and then apart. This contracts the back and front of the vagina. Initiate from the vagina. Shake the whole body and then relax. Breathing in life and exhale melt down into the earth. Breathing in light, breathing out anything you no longer need.

Be gentle with yourself. If your muscles feel lose at first don’t get disheartened it is like any other muscle it needs working to build up and keep its tone. It doesn’t take long to feel the results. At first the muscles may get tired quickly, this is quite normal, persevere as you are changing the way that you use it. Just start with 10 minutes a day and build up at your own pace to a max of 20 minutes.

I would advise keeping this practice as a mindful and sacred, focused and present relationship to keep the relationship energy clear. So as much a possible create some private time to connect and heal. Most of all let go of the idea of getting it right, explore it and most of all enjoy.

If emotions arise do not force your way through, meet it, feel it, relax let the emotion flow without following the story. Stop any movement and let yourself feel. If it persists then take the egg out and relax, nurture yourself.

If you feel pain and discomfort, stop if you are worried. It is more important that you listen to your body rather than striving to do the practice. It maybe that just having the egg laying inside you is enough and starts clearing past emotional energy. If pain persists then your vagina may need de-armouring – if so then connect with me about it. Finish the process with sitting up and using the Gathering your Energy exercise.

Advanced Practice

Standing with the Jade egg
Standing practice

Stand up right, feet hip width apart. Soft knees. Feel into the pelvis and vagina and contract 9 times. Feel your sit bones moving towards each other.

Start to tilt the pelvis backwards and forwards, inhale on the tilt forwards squeezing muscles inwards and upwards and exhale tilt back and release of muscles. Tilt and lift your right hip to the side then centralise and then tilt your hips to the left. Each time you tilt to the right squeeze your vagina muscle and you right fist. To the left squeeze your left fist.

Circling the pelvis in a clock shape anti clockwise and then clockwise. Taking time after the standing practice to lay flat and relax the body. After taking out the Jade egg use the gathering your energy pearl practice to complete.

Now let’s take it deeper… and focus on the energetics of the practice

To amplify your Jade egg experience

Deepening Practices

Ovarian Breathing
Ovarian Breathing
Ovarian Breathing
Ovarian Breathing
Ovaries store sexual energy and can also be a repository of sexual traumas and repression.

A woman can lose vital sexual energy through her ovaries in the same way that a man loses energy when he ejaculates. If this energy is harnessed this life force can be circulated to improve the health of the body, skin, and organs, clearing your mind, and boosting your immune system. Benefits for ovarian breathing is balancing our hormone system which show different health improvements for women:

• Help towards preventing breast, uterus, ovarian cancer or cysts. Preventing the uterus or bladder to drop.
• Prevents negative side effects during menopause.
• Sexual interest will stay also after menopause.
• Increases sexual pleasure during love making.
• Becoming multi orgasmic.
• Can go towards curing frigidity.

First stretching the body open pushing chest and belly forward so shoulder blades touch and then crunch body forwards. Drawing up energy from the earth into perineum, breathing in and out. Locating your ovaries – Create a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers. Rest the touching tips of you thumbs on your navel and place
your touching index fingers downward towards your legs. Your ovaries are located where your little fingers lie. Focus on the ovaries in Yoni Mudra, hands forming a downward triangle over the ovaries.

Belly breathing with your tongue resting on your palate. Focus on the ovaries until you start to feel their sensations maybe becoming warm. As you breathe in and out feeling the movement in the yoni. This subtle motion of the breath motion helps to draw our attention to the ovaries energy, warming you up. Start spiralling over the
ovaries. As this energy builds, you can start to breathe deeper and into the womb. You can also spread the energy to the perineum, vagina, anus by gently contracting the perineum and holding for a few moments and release. This practice should not be done during ovulation. If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, then this practice is not recommended as you need this energy right in the ovaries or the growing foetus.

Energetic Practices

 Inner Smile
Inner Smile
Inner Smile Practice

Inner Smile Practice

Press your tongue against the upper palate of your mouth.

Close your eyes and become aware of the soles of your feet.

Make a physical smile with your lips.

If you are a visual person remember something that makes you feel happy. i.e. being in nature, the ocean etc.

Relax your forehead and bring your attention there, softly looking up into the back of your eyelids – you may see colour, darkness, images – it doesn’t matter. Just relax.
Fill the mid point between your eyebrows with that smiling energy. See if you can feel a build up of energy attention here.

As you breathe start becoming aware of your cheeks, face, let the smile encompass your face and head. Slowly roll your head side to side as you do this.

Let the smile then spread down your throat to your upper chest. If you want to visualise this smile as a colour then feel that colour falling down through your body.

Cascading like a waterfall into your heart – see if you can open your heart a little more and then some more again. Feel into your beating heart.

Fill your lungs – notice any images that arise as you feel into yourself.

If you feel your attention wandering, or if you feel the effect of the Inner Smile becoming weak or dissipated, just refocus on the physical smile and start to cultivate and spread the energy again.

Bring the smiling energy to the liver, one of the largest internal organs, located just below the right lung.

Let the smile energy flow from the liver across the abdomen into the pancreas, located directly beneath the left lung. As you move through your internal organs really find an authentic thank you and gratefulness for all the hard work that your body does for you.

Continuing to the spleen, which is just next to the left kidney. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where it is – just fill the overall area. If you smile in that direction, you will gradually get in touch with it.

Smile down to the kidneys. Stomach and small intestine.

Next, send the smile energy down into the urinary bladder, urethra, genitals, and perineum.

Just notice any different textures of sensation, images or insights that may arise from inside yourself as you smile to yourself.
Smile the accumulated energies into the ovaries, uterus, and vagina. Gently spiral the base of your body spiralling the smile in and around your pelvis.

Before you finish return the attention to the mid-eyebrow point, and allow more smiling energy to flow in through it like a waterfall pouring down into the organs.


Energetic Practices

Gathering the Energy Pearl
Gathering the Energy Pearl
Gathering the Energy Pearl
Gathering the Energy Pearl
Sitting up

Hands one on top of the other over the belly button, start to circle your hands anti clockwise in big slow circles around the stomach. With the navel as the central focus.

Then move the hands clockwise over the stomach and gathering the energy and making the movements smaller into the navel.

Where you then rest the palms and relax into presence and feel the body gathering and holding this condensed energy pearl behind the navel and womb.

Energetic Practices

Yoni Reflexology
Yoni Reflexology
Yoni Reflexology
Yoni Reflexology
An energetic practice with your Jade yoni egg to sense your connection to the main organs in the body are reflected in the yoni as reflexology points.

The G-spot (2-3 cm away from the entrance of the vagina), reflects the kidney area. In the middle of the vagina, we find the liver area, moving further upwards we meet the reflex area of the spleen and pancreas. The fine skin surrounding the cervix corresponds to the lungs. At the cervix we meet the reflexology point corresponding to the heart.

The gentle massage and focus of these areas with the Jade egg mind body practice helps not only for the health of the organs, but especially for unlocking and eliminating negative emotions and emotional wounds.


You’ve completed your Jade egg practice.

I encourage you to repeat this practice regularly and allow the experience deepen over time.

My hope is this practice continues to expand your pleasure and honour the sacredness of your body.

With love,




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