Sensual Mastery for Women

A Journey to Sexual Confidence
Awakening your Body’s Sexual Freedom
Creating Inspired Relationship

Thursday 2nd March to Wednesday 8th March 2023


Monday 17th April to Sunday 23rd April 2023


It is time to take ones sexual spiritual journey ever deeper, awakening to ones deep body wisdom!

This era is offering us deep reflection of self. Many of us realise that we need to address any underlying sexual restriction that we carry, for us to fully be free, to step out of restrictive patterns into a lighter frequency.

Our instinct and intuition needs to open more fully in connection with the source of life. In these times where information is conflicting, confusing, fear creating, polarisation of beliefs and dis harmony is rising. We need to sit more fully in our centre and to do this we need to sit deeply in the root of our body – our sexual centre.

Are you feeling disconnected from your deep sensual and sexual power?

Does your sexuality and sensually make you feel stuck, frustrated and undesirable?

Do you feel unmet in sexual intimacy?

Are you feeling disconnected and lonely in relationship or your ability to attract a fulfilling lover/partner?

Do you long to connect with something more, something deeper, something more profound inside you?


 A safe, sexually confident, fulfilled and vibrant woman!

 How to stay fully connected to your sexual vitality.

 To have cleared sexual restrictions and inhibitions.

 To be able to access your orgasmic potential.

 To keep your sex life alive, fresh and fulfilling.

 Stepping into your attractive essence drawing the partner of your dreams to you.

 To feel embodied, sexually free, healthy, creative and in deep connection with


Sexual energy as a healing art – Awaken a connection with life

You will develop a deep understanding of what sexual energy is and how it can super-charge your life. Awakening a deliciously devotional connection with life, ourselves and others. keeping you juicy, vibrant, healthy and in mental clarity.

Exploring your rhythms and using that wisdom

Do you really listen, watch and know yourself as deeply as you can? What would happen if you did? Could you use that wisdom to navigate your live differently? If so what would that look like for you?

Natural magnetism

Becoming ready for and bringing into your life a love match that complements your being’s journey of awakening to deeper layers of love. If already with a partner, enhancing your magnetic polarization so that you ignite a deeper experience of connection.

Somatic Wisdom – Deeper connection with your body

Knowledge with embodied understanding creates wisdom. So we will be traveling deeper into our body, how it works physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Unwinding your sexual story – Choose how you move from here

No matter what has happened in your past sexual experience you can choose to change how you move from here. Together we can look at what has worked and not worked for you, to create a new expression of your sexual self.

Awakening your ‘inner wild’ – Let her flow

As women we are shape shifters, one day we may feel deeply in tune and another falling into a lonesome inner reflection and so on. We can also get stuck in being a certain type of personality that keeps us safe but also keeps us restricted and often frustrated, with a yearning to break out! So being able to flow through the myriad ways to express from the wild to the coy can set this free.

Learning powerful practices – Yet simple and effective

This work builds a foundation of sensual awareness and sexual energy by practicing simple exercises that even the busiest women can weave into their daily life. Some of the practices can even be done whilst driving or on the bus – imagine sitting on the tube, silent, eyes closed, nobody will know that you are reveling in orgasmic bliss!

Course description

This journey is a dynamic, experiential exploration that will allow you to feel absolutely safe as a sexually confident, fulfilled and vibrant woman. It will be a roadmap for the unfolding of your own sensual ecstatic nature. We will be working within a supportive and clearly held group of no more than 14 women.

As women it is easy to fear sexual power, to get lost in how to navigate and use it wisely.  Disconnection from and misunderstanding of our sexual nature is a major cause of the lack of intimacy with ourselves and others. This disconnection can create numbness, not just in our bodies but in our creative expression too – so our ‘love affair’ with life is affected detrimentally as well.

A healthy relationship with ourselves is what creates the magnetic attraction to draw to us a positive, inspired partnership, so if you want to prepare to be met completely by another then this is the journey for you! By un-ravelling past patterns around intimacy, and healing sexual dis-harmony, you will be on track for meeting a truly conscious lover.

If you already have the partner and want to explore your feminine mysteries, organically awakening them to their full potential; if you want to deepen your intimacy and get the attention you secretly desire, this journey is for you, too!

I will guide you in how to use your sexual energy to stay healthy, vibrant, and be in connection with life (free-flowing, joyous sexual energy is one of the best rejuvenators on the planet! ).

The journey will help to create confidence about your body image, as well as releasing pain stored in your physical and mental systems about who you are as a sexual being. You will come to understand what it really is to be a woman in these times, to differentiate between what is women’s collective experience and what is your personal experience; and with this knowledge, break and manage chaotic patterns such as emotional overwhelm and unhelpful outbursts of anger.

I am a strong believer in healthy boundaries, ones that do not push people away from us but that draw to us positive interaction in our work, home and social lives, that make it clear what our intentions are and give calm yet firm instructions to others about what we will and will not allow to enter the sacred space of our being. So this is an important component of the work I do.

I am really excited to be leading you through this programme and trust that this will transform your sexual story.

This is a journey to becoming a deeper, wiser, fun-loving, sensually and sexually alive woman!

Want to join me?


What the course includes

Deep dive somatic residential retreat
This week starts at 6.30pm on the first evening to 2pm on the final day. The venue is in Somerset, UK. Delicious vegetarian / vegan breakfasts, lunches and dinners all included.

Development and support programme – 6 x 90 minutes webinar
These are times after the retreat where we get to check in together and explore how you are integrating the practices from the retreat. To also refine and re-establish practice.

2 x 1 hour one-to-one private sessions
These sessions begin from wherever you are in your current situation and take you in whatever direction you wish to go. I use powerful and effective practices from a variety of therapeutic modalities and spiritual traditions. These sessions help me support you on the Sensuality journey. One session happens before the retreat and one after.

Dedicated peer group
I will set up a private support network on FB or WhatsApp where you can share your experiences and feelings, ask questions and generally support each other along the journey.

Resource to recordings

We have a Sensual Mastery membership forum to engage with each other and for access to all course resources.

Sensual Mastery yearly reunions
We have started to have once a year a day reunion to recap on the practices, dance, breath and share.

– Course manual
– Videos and MP3 recordings of practices
– Sensual equipment
– Lifetime access to resources

What will you need?

You will need to make a commitment to the journey, as we will dive deep physically and I will be giving you daily practices to take home to integrate. These will become a strong foundation for transformation.

Also important is a willingness to keep coming back to loving and respecting yourself, whatever may arise.

Please note that any nudity is entirely voluntary in the Sensual Mastery Journey.

How does it flow?

Deep dive somatic residential retreat

Thursday 2nd March to Wednesday 8th March 2023


Monday 17th April to Sunday 23rd April

Webinar dates:



Total investment : £1795
Includes all retreat tuition, accommodation, hot tub, fire, 1 to 1 sessions, webinars, personal accessibility to me and vital vegetarian food.
EARLY BIRD – £1495 if deposit paid before January 1st 2023
A deposit of £250 needs to be paid to secure your place.

There are instalment plans making payments available over 4 months.

NB: 1 to 1 sessions last for 3 months after the last weekend

What to do for now?

We need to make sure that you are a right fit for this journey so I always have a conversation with you first before booking so that you are clear about the journey and I can learn about why you are drawn to the work please follow this link to the  link to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.


Earth Spirit centre

Compton Dundon, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PE, UK

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

I feel a bit nervous about doing this course. Does that mean I shouldn't do it?

Our sexual experiences and intimate relationships are private areas of our lives so it it natural to be nervousness and if not a little fearful of starting to look at this area of our life more deeply. We often have hidden patterns and sometimes shame around our sexual story that we are looking to heal and change. We also carry cultural beliefs that we may long to shed. This all takes a shift in ourselves taking focus and commitment to change. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous and really is more of a sign that you are ready for a different experience.

I have low libido. Will this course help to increase my desire?

This course is designed to ignite a strength of connection to your sexual energy and open up pathways of sensitivity assisting you to be able to move sexual energy through your body to maintain health and vitality. I have many women attend the course that felt that either due to past trauma, abuse, negative beliefs, unsatisfactory relationships, birth challenges or a belief that there age was a factor start experiencing a swift transformation and a re connection to their sexual vitality. It is never to late to transform your life experience no matter what that has been for you.

I'm single - will this course work for me?

Yes!! This course is about connecting with your own sexuality and pleasure.You are your primary lover, so how we relate to our own sensual nature and stay in touch with your senses and desires, a natural confidence in yourself in created. Part of the journey is focused on getting clearer around what you desire in your life, so if you are looking for a partner we take a look at what patterns you may want to change.

I am in a relationship - How will the Sensual Mastery course help me?

This course is designed to take you on a journey through a deepening of your own relationship with yourself. The learning of how your bodyworks and desire flows this then informs you how and what you may need to communicate with your partner – with this greater sensitivity and connection to yourself the plan is to take it into your intimacy with your partner. The practice learned along the journey weave into your lovemaking taking it to another level of sweetness and connection.

Am I too old to do this course?

We are never to old to stay exploring and growing with our sexuality. Sexual energy is our life force and when we stay connected to it it helps us stay creative, juicy, curious and healthy in every area of our life. Intimacy and touch nourish us, it is an important part of our human needs. I have a mix of ages of women join these courses and I love this blend of everyones wisdom.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the practices?

As we build up practices over the weekends, I invite you to start with weaving short amounts of time 10 minutes a day that then grows to 45 minutes a day. How much you do is completely up to you but if you are looking for change then you have to do something different! All practices can be done in woven through your day.

I can only reach climax on my own but not with my partner - will this course help me?

Yes, this is a more common experience than people may realise and is linked to our capacity to let go, body / energy anatomy understanding and connection. One of my desires for women to experience is not just great sexual climax but also the ability to fall into a more expanded conscious awareness through the increase in sexual energy at orgasm. The union that is created by lovers dropping deeper into a more conscious dynamic through climax. The course is designed to take steps towards creating this level of union.

I have never had an orgasm or very rarely - can this course help?

Yes. The course journey is highly effective in taking women from wherever they are in their orgasmic experience to becoming multi orgasmic. Many women have had their first orgasm through doing the Sensual Mastery course. It does take commitment to the practice stop create the shift you are looking for.

I was sexually abused in the past. Can this course help me?

Yes, as part of this journey the one to one sessions are focused on assisting release on a physical level any sexual trauma that the nervous system is still carrying – also to unravel any patterns in the psychi that perpetuate negative experience and negative attitude towards sexual intimacy. With the practices to support this release. I have worked with many different experiences of abuse physical and mental abuse and found this is a powerful embodied way to re claim ones sexual energy.

I have some resistance to groups of women, is there anything that you can share that will help me with this?

It can feel vulnerable to join a group of women that we do not know and some of us have not had so many positive experiences from girls and women especially in our teenage years. My experience with these groups has been one of healing for the women that join, I have the pleasure of attracting women to my courses that are open, receptive and respectful of each other – My mood for the journey is of letting go of any competitiveness, judgement and comparison that we have learned between women. You are invited o share as much or a little as you desire about yourself within the group enabling you to decide on your level of emotional safety and comfortability. We have one to one session together where we can unpack issues that are held closer to your heart.

A very happy woman!

“A series of synchronistic events led to my first workshop with Kalindi, which led to one-to-one work, which led to the 3-month Sensual Mastery Journey. Prior to working with Kalindi, I had little recognition or awareness of who I was when I inhabited and embraced my sexual self. All I knew was that it was scary, overwhelming, and brought up difficult memories.

With Kalindi’s work I began to unpeel layers of trauma to reveal my true sexual, sensual self. This was transformative and life changing. I was introduced to a way of being present in my body that I hadn’t experienced before, meaning I was able to fully embrace every aspect of my human experience with love, compassion and curiosity. Before working with Kalindi, when not reliving or experiencing trauma, my body was numb, my sexual self wasn’t even at the table. Now, she is invited everywhere, enriching my life in immeasurable ways and providing me with everyday sensuality and exploration.

I am now able to hold levels of sensual and sexual energy in my body that once felt overwhelming. I am able to witness my own shadowy, once shameful places with love, understanding and compassion – releasing them into the light and gleaning wisdom where neccessary. Being in the presence of someone who has done, and constantly commits to doing, their own personal work gave me full permission to share all that I was and all that I was experiencing. The more I shared with Kalindi, fearing it might scare or disgust her, the more I felt held, witnessed and loved – such capacity for healing and freedom resulted. This has enabled me to be more vulnerable with those around me.

My body knows and trusts Kalindi wholeheartedly, and even now, when I can inhabit my body and experience joy and pleasure (without fear) in ways I could have never possibly imagined – I return for more connection and sessions. She has always been able to offer what I needed in the moment, and in that I feel she is truly unique in her field. I am ever grateful to have crossed paths with this beautiful, radiant woman. ” – TAM

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